14 February, 2011

Always New Techniques and Implements

I was reading a post from a gentleman in the FLR group on FetLife and the issue he was dealing with was that it was hard for him to imagine spankings from his wife as either being punishment or motivation since he craved and enjoyed them so much.

Certainly, we all enjoy and crave those spankings from our loving wives that remind us of their love. Feeling my hard cock against her smooth thigh while she lights my ass on fire is certainly provides a wealth of sensations I could always use and enjoy more of, and of course a Valentines day sentiment befitting the day.

Following is my response as I believe there are always things that can make a spanking less desirable. I think every couple needs a certain kind of spanking available in their repertoire that won't be craved, desired or enjoyed.

For me, I think there might be a lot of motivation available in implements and/or techniques.

You just might need to experience a punishment spanking that you'll never want to experience again. The result might be you'll be able to still receive regular more frequent desirable maintenance spankings that you can still crave and enjoy... Yet still, always have the potential distaste/fear of the severe punishment spanking remaining a tool readily available for your wife's use in her repertoire.

If you have a small assortment of implements and can't make the investment, then repetition could be a method available to her. Perhaps what would be a normal intense spanking but instead of it being over... you now are sent to the corner for a specific time letting you reflect on the event and giving her time to re-energize and then 2nd inning, corner time and third inning etc..


It's also possible for techniques to be used to make existing spankings much more painful and not just with more powerful implements. For example, if your corner time is spent with cold wet compresses or sponges in your tighty-whiteies (or panties or pantyhose) held tightly to your sit spot and thigh creases softening and wetting and wrinkling your skin, they can be followed up with a good dose of a stout Lexan paddle. Lexan paddles on wet softened skin will produce a most painful spanking that's certainly not very enjoyable or yummy.

Similar results can be achieved with some nice, heavy wooden spoons soaked in a pitcher of ice water. As one spoon dries while she heats your bottom she can simply reach down and swap for a fresh wet, cold spoon. Your ass will certainly suffer.

Perhaps you can develop a fear of certain implements or even implements used in certain positions that you'll not be able to look forward to. For example, a long hard session with a nice cane has a completely different sensation when in the diaper position. Also, a good heavy wood paddle or hairbrush can inflict a completely different level of intense pain if you're touching your toes than the same implement used OTK. They can also do some serious damage, so naturally care should be taken.

For a good assortment of some seriously effective, yet inexpensive wood paddles I would suggest Woodrage Paddles. http://www.woodrage.com/ Their 3/4" oak 16" paddle with 3/4" inch holes should certainly be feared when used on the sharp edge side. (holes are smooth chamfered on one side and sharp on the other... The Bastards).

They also have a 3/4" Oak Hairbrush paddle that I can attest deserves a mountain of respect.

There are also many fine options in other implements and you may want to also check out Cane-iac. http://www.cane-iac.com/

There are many fine makers of implements but these are two that I can personally vouch for that offer products of quite decent quality,  at very reasonable prices.

Of course there are other scenarios too, one that appeals to my nature is being in the corner watching a nice big bar of ivory soap soaking in a bowl of warm water. When it's time for your spanking a washcloth and the softened soap can be used to clean out your naughty mouth, and still provide something tasty for you to bite down on while being paddled.

Naturally, after your ass gets good and tender if your wife should so choose, the bowl-full of soapy water can very easily be sucked out with an enema bulb and installed into your well lubed ass. Then, a dozen or so good hard paddle smacks will insure the solution is effectively and deeply installed, giving you more to think about while the remaining bulb-fulls are lovingly prepared, inserted and paddled into place.

If humiliation  is part of your normal activities, you can optionally be dressed just in time to be stood in the bathtub where you can soil yourself and ordered to clean up your own mess.

The possibilities are truly endless.

Hope this helps...



  1. On Her Knee, regarding your subject of "other scenarios" "Nice" is not quite how I would describe a big bar of Ivory soaking in a bowl of warm water. Anything but nice...oh dear, the very idea makes me drool most embarrassingly, even though it is still quite a hot idea. And your suggestion of finishing the spanking by utilizing the soapy warm water in that bowl for a good enema bulb Ivory flush makes it the memorable ending to a very cleansing experience from top to bottom. No more sass, just bubbles and pink cheeks. Very exciting but not of my own choosing...must it be Ivory? I'd learn to keep my mouth shut if I were there. mmmmmmmm

  2. Very nice post. Love the artwork too! And yes sweetsuds, it must be Ivory :)

  3. ...but Suzanne, why must it be Ivory? :(

    Can we discuss this? Are there no other options? I'd bargain for pink Camay :)

  4. Thank you for your comments, they are appreciated! suds, it sounds like you're going to be having some activities to talk about. Hope Suzanne has some fun. I've experienced some aspects of this suggested scenario but never the full event... Not sure I want to :)

  5. OHK,

    IVORY! Yuck...no, you don't want to experience the full event. It's the worst. You'd never forget the taste of a spanking when it's administered with a mouthful of gagging disgusting Ivory soap. Since I don't know Suzanne, I can't predict whether she'd have some fun with that or not, but...but...any laughter or giggling from near the bathroom sink would not be coming from my mouth! Only moans for mercy bubbling out of this mouth. I never seem to learn and I'm not the one laughing. I've been told some ladies think that's such an adorable sight. Guess I should go back to my earlier post and heed my own caution about keeping one's mouth shut.