05 May, 2011


Ok, so all you occaisional but loyal readers may know...
I would never compromise the integrity of my blog under any circumstanes...

Except for Cold Hard Cash!!!

Bouncing around in blogworld I found a 'Gadget' that calculates the 'value' of a blog... I set it at the bott,m of the page but it just doesn't seem to print out and since they don't pay me to debug their code that is how it will likely stay.

The damn-fool thing values this blog at $40,393.92 (insert axim 'Show me 'da money'... etc.

I can't get the blasted HTML/Java to recognize in blogger or you would be able to gawk at the foolishness yourself.

Now Web Address 'value' is a rather subjective term unless someone is standing before you with a fist-full of pictures of dead presidents. In that case... it's grab green... run like hell.

I wonder... what sort of Gold-Mine something like Bonnie's MBS might be...

Then again... without seeing Scude, Escarole, Donero, Greenbacks, etc... It's all a crock of shit.

Then again lets talk about real blog value.

For me the real blogs of value have been created by DWC Mike, Scully and Recedivist.Many others too... Some gone, others pop up on occaision or hints of their existance linger on... Yet as some may fade, names change to protect the inocent (or not so inocent) TTWD goes on...

Seems to flicker sometimes but never seems to die...

Yet to many of those early blog pioneers we owe a priceless debt.. Thanks to you all if you continue to lurk and browse and I imagine you just may... 'cause I can't imagine this thing ever leaves the blood whatever it might be... TTWD.

To those pioneers and all of those who follow... A Heart-Felt Cheers!!!

Their Contributions?


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