31 May, 2011

What is it about a Stress Relief Spanking?

We spankos with TTWD can think up dozens if not hundreds of reasons for a spanking. Everything from discipline to maintenance and even for stress relief.

Naturally, I've had stress relief on my mind for quite sometime now... Actually, I'm really desperate for it.

What is the big attraction of a spanking for stress relief? This question has been hounding me.

When one is stressed out with money problems, job problems or lack of same I suppose after a while the big appeal is the thought of having ones brain completely occupied by something other than the constant worries of the day.

There can sometimes be the temporary relief by the proper administration of a sufficient dose of alcohol... But, that offers others issues too and just doesn't offer the more instant relief that comes from the firm and repeated application of the hand, strap, paddle  or cane to buttocks.

Some of The benefits:
  • You are instantly reminded that someone knows and cares and will take action to remind they are there and will help.
  • For a little while, it's absolutely impossible to think about anything else other than the spanking that is happening.
  • The closeness recharges the relationship and offers a feeling of safety that you're not alone.
  • Instantly changes attitude
  • Reminds for hours or, properly for days


  1. It's got to be way better for you than alcohol.


  2. I have found it a powerful form of relief. I think part of it is that my girlfriend gives me the impression that whatever is wrong can be fixed by owning up and taking the consequences... which is powerful message. Secondly, I think she makes me feel reassured that I am still desirable as a man by making me strip and inspecting my private zones... desirable as long as I accept the caning... which is also reassuring.
    Andy Boy

  3. I had to laugh. I have been a little behind in my blog reading and just now read your post about stress relief.

    Funny, but just yesterday I posted an entry about stress relief on our blog. However, in this case it was Cora who was stressed out and took relief in giving me a rather thorough paddling.


  4. I also find thatit is a stress reliever. My wife read about some study on stress relief conducted at some Russian University where volunteers both male and female were caned on their bare bottoms by a member of the opposite sex with the result that stress levels became greatly reduced. I suggested this to my wife and we agreed to try it. We both found it sexy but didnt seem to reduce stress by much.
    One day following an argument when I had yelled and said some bad things to my wife which I later regretted and apologied for. My wife told me she would forgive me but I would have to agree to let her punish me with the cane. Of course I readily agreed and we both went into the bedroom when my wife placed some pillows on the edge of the bed and had me bend over them when she wasted no time in lowering my pants. She told me to stay in that
    positition while she fetched the cane. She then delivered a few strokes and I started to feel an erection coming on. She then said I can see your enjoying this, but
    that was just practice, you are meant to be punished for the way you treated me so you better be ready for the real caning I am about to give you.
    With that she proceeded to administer at least twenty hard strokes which had me jumping and panting with each painful stroke. When finished she told me I could get up and she put her arms
    out and hugged me close to her and told me that she loved me very much and that was why she had caned me so hard as she felt it was something that both I and our marriage needed.

    She then sat on the bed and pulled me over ger lap when she applied some lotion to my burning and very welted bottom. The funny thing was that I felt loved and with a feeling of
    closeness and bonding I had never felt before. I felt very relaxed and peaceful. We then fell asleep with our arms around each other.

    Sice then we have never argued again. When I feel stress and tension building up, I know it's time for a spanking and will text my wife or if I am with her will scratch the palm of her hand and we will schedule a spanking session for the next weekend. I now realize that my outbursts were the result of stress and tension builing up and my wife was the closest one to take it out on. The spankings are just as hard, as that is what is necessary to relieve the tension. I find the thought of a spanking sexy but the actual spanking still hurts, but it is worth it for the feelings of with closeness and bonding which follow. We both feel more relaxed. Also the next day I have a warm tingling feeling in my bottom, which reminds me of my wife and how much I love her and how lucky I am to have her.

    I don't fully understand how spanking works to reduce stress, but have read theories that it releases certain chemicals including endorphins which produce a calming effect on the brain,
    I also forget all my job and money worries for a while as when my bottom is exposed and the knowlesge that my wife is totally in charge my mind is occpied with mentally preparing
    to process the next stroke. My wife tells me this is something I have always needed but just didn't know it. I think she is probably right. She claims that she gets no sexual satisfaction
    from spanking me but she is happy with the results and enjoys the temporary feeling of power and control she feels. I also can feel this as I am abandoning control and admire and respect my wife even more for being assertive. I should add that I have a stressful job and am in charge of other people so I guess part of the appeal is being relieved of that
    responsibility once in a while.

  5. Lots of people remark about how well my wife and I work togehter as well as of course--live together--- We have our own business and it is very successful as we do work together very well---At times infrequently--I can get very stressed and can become crabby and unreasonable---In those times we both know myv wife is going to get to the point where she will not tolerate my behavior and I get my naked butt paddled and paddlec hard---and if i am uptight enough i will cry and frankly that helps---I am not embarrassed to get my butt pasddled nor to cry as since its my wife there is not an embarrassement factor----It hurts when I am getting it on my bare butt---however, when it has to happen we both know it and want to get it done with ---and it works fine for us---But I sure got a sore butt!

  6. I find great relief in being spanked. I lay flat on the bed with my legs spread. My girlfriend starts warming my cheeks. When I raise my ass a little she will rub my asshole. Soon her thumb is in my ass and her fingers rubbing my balls and cock. By now the spankings are harder. With all that going on, it takes a while for me to cum. I just don't want it to end. When it does, I bury my face in her pussy and slap her thighs until she cums.