09 August, 2010

Hard Limits

24" Black Knight and The Howler
For most if not all spankos, there always seems to be a device or implement that manages to be the one item that is the jaw-dropper.

You know, the one that the thought of having it used on your vulnerable bare bottom makes your heart skip a little beat or manages to just get your attention in a way that no other does.

Sometimes it might be just the sight of the feared device. Other times the device may have a particular unique noise. 

Previously, I blogged about some of our new additions to the pain drawer from Cane-iac, note the key word here... "some".

So far I mentioned the Wicked Loopy Howler Thingy and the Sizzler Paddle, The Black Knight Sr and the surprising little Timothy Acrylic purse paddle...
"Timothy" Purse Paddle

The Howler and Sizzler


However, there were others, not the least of which was that we finally added a 32" Cane to our ever growing collection.

Our particular choice was the Master's Choice Sr 32" Cane and also a 28" version.
Other than a quick little 'test drive' neither cane has been used yet for a serious punishment and that is where there will get their real use.

Master's Choice 28" & 32"
Now at first glance you might come to the natural assumption that the 4" difference isn't really that much between these two canes.

Well, you would be wrong.

What's surprising is that when flailed wildly through the air, they make a naturally similar yet completely different sound. The 28" cane manages to make an impressive 'swoosh' that is sure to be attention getting.

On the other hand 32" cane for my money manages to somehow add a profoundly different 'Oh Shit!' tone to the swoosh that just isn't within the capability of it's shorter sibling.

If you've ever felt the cutting sting of a properly wielded cane, well I don't need to explain it to you.

But back to the post title of Hard Limits.

Many suggest that the cane is their Hard Limit, others swear they will never again lay under a wood paddle and yet others have sworn off such things as rubber paddles or Lexan.

It's not that I haven't considered the wisdom of such choices...

In my particular case with My Fine Lady I've come to trust in her judgement and ability to use whatever implement she decides in whatever fashion she chooses.

Sure, implements can be wicked and they can be scary... However in my particular case it's a matter of the artist, and not the brush.


  1. Spankings are meant to be effective, if used in a disciplinary way. You phrase it well when stating it is the spanker who should decide the implement and the severity.

  2. Wow - we are in a parallel universe, HP. I just received two 28-inch "Master's Choice" canes this week - one thick and one thin. Having read your post, I am glad I will not be hearing the "OS" swooshing sound when B gets her hands on them!