08 August, 2010

Punishments Hurt

Within the broad and diverse community of people who practice a form of Domestic Discipline there appears to be endless varieties of ways which couples choose to deal with punishments.

Many seem to have unique opinions on punishments and how they should be administered and the opinions seem to run strong between two basic camps.

There are those that believe in a spanking relationship where one (or both) partners have consented to being held responsible for things like attitude, respect and responsibility the punishment can't be a spanking. For others, nothing less than a very long, hard and painful spanking can be considered.

I reside in the later camp.

For some the logic seems to be if he/she likes being spanked, they can't possibly be punished with a spanking.

On the surface this sounds logical, however it's an opinion that I just don't share. To me spanking as a punishment, isn't the actual punishment... Bear with me on this one and I'll try to explain.

From my perspective the actual punishment is knowing that you have, in one way or another failed and in doing so you've let yourself down. Even worse, the painful realization that you've let your partner down and that is actually the most painful aspect. Not the actual spanking.

In my particular case if I should happen to find myself in the unfortunate position of being given a painful punishment spanking... Well, I want it to stop.

Let's face it, we're not talking yummy teasing caresses here. We're talking hard heavy rapid smacks with a hairbrush, paddle or other nasty tool designed to deliver pain and it hurts a whole lot.

Somewhere during the cathartic event of a punishment spanking my mind will wander and I'll consider how much hurt I may have caused My Fine Lady. When that inevitable moment arrives, that's when I do want the spanking to hurt as much as it possibly can.

Naturally as can be expected, My Fine Lady does not disappoint.

When the punishment spanking is finished,  there is an incredibly powerful transitional moment. Seconds before I was digging my fingernails deep into the bed frame and chewing on a large portion of pillow and then suddenly I'm in her loving arms being told that I'm forgiven.

That incredible moment of blessed forgiveness just doesn't come any better way.



  1. your a lucky man B is one hell of a lady

  2. We fall in the in between category. Spankings hurt, but Cindy slows considerably when seeing my re-actions. She is getting used to my owwing and moving, and getting to enjoy it. It is always a dilemma for every couple, and the spanked person has to show a strong effort to change the behavior that caused the spanking, for the spanker to see value in spanking.

  3. mal ordentlich auf den blanken,Geil.-