01 August, 2010

Where it Started (Part 1)

Thinking back to my youth, there were very few times that I was spanked.  Actually never in public, never beyond a smack or two and never in an abusive fashion.

None the less there were occasions that I remember that brought both fear and curiosity when hearing about spankings that neighborhood kids or classmates got at home for various reasons.

Heading off to a Cub Scout Pack Meeting we would see in person those fathers or especially mothers that we knew from the grapevine were no nonsense spankers.

No, none of them were dressed in leather and none of them wore just skimpy bras with openings for their nipples to poke through. In fact none of them carried riding crops and they wore far more than just thongs.

They wore cocktail dresses.

Their hair was done nicely and perhaps they wore a not too flashy necklace and earrings that would always properly match their less than outlandish heels and conservative, yet contemporary hats.

Proper occasions or weather likely had them wearing perfectly clean white gloves in a very feminie manor.

In any event...

I've become a fan of the TV show Mad Men broadcast on the AMC network. The character Betty Draper comes to mind. In the show, Betty Draper becomes furious with her husband Don because he refuses to spank their children when they're naughty. Actually, Don probably knows that Betty and not himself, would be the perfect spanker.

As events have unfolded in the Season 4 premiere last Sunday, well... Let's just say that good o' Donald Draper may be one of us as he is now enjoying the services of a professional who slaps him during his all important and frequent adult activities.

Now that I think about it, the character Peggy Olson has now matured so to speak, as she is now actually smoking cigarettes.

One has to wonder, perhaps she will follow in the steps of the more sex-edged character Joan Harris (her mentor-ess) and who knows...

Maybe in future episodes Don Draper might very well be laying over the knee of the once very plain and vanilla Girl Scout-ish Peggy.

I'm willing to bet in the great spanko world out there, many men and probably even some spanko women would love to climb over any of their knees.

But I digress...

In my particular life, my spanko urges if actually generated by events of my youth lay dormant for decades.

There was a strange series of events that brought them to the surface and probably like many, that unique set of circumstances that woke them up never could have been anticipated.


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