31 July, 2010

First Fifty Days

This blog now is all of something like fifty days old and I’ve decided to celebrate by once again changing the template for this blog.

I've been trying to come up with a template that I both like and is actually readable. The original template was cutting some things off like the sides of videos that I would post. That's the damn problem that got me started on fiddling with the template in the first place.

Also, the original template didn't allow as many 'gadget' positions. Now if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page it looks like there are four good anchor positions for Spanking Tube videos there.

So, now in this third version I've got colors that I can live with and the text is pretty much readable against the background colors... But I've got birds.

I don't know where the birds came from.

I suppose there is some sort of image that's part of this particular template's code that places the birds right there in the top right corner. This template is called "Watermark", so I guess that's the watermark.

It's not that I don't like birds, I like birds just fine but lets face it. The subject matter of this blog is not the sort of things that one usually does while hiking in the great outdoors or while freezing in a little boat holding a shotgun ready to splatter them out of the sky. Then again, some of our readers out there probably do.

So the birds don't necessarily fit with this blog's theme.

Now I suppose I could dig deeper into the actual code of the template, find the image and replace it with some flying paddles, canes or hairbrushes.

Once I got the template pretty much the way I liked it, I saved it all and went browsing around other blogs to see what's new and wonderful in the ever evolving world of adult spanking.

One of the first blogs I stopped at was Serving B...

Wouldn't you know it, he's got almost the identical template. He's got birds too.

So, I went back and changed the background color from a nice Tan to something of a sickening blue I don't like as much and that will just have to do for now.

I'll have to come back and change it again.

Maybe some other day, I’ve done enough damage for now.



  1. Her Paddle:

    I have enjoyed your blog greatly. The richness and quality of your blog is in your writing, and yours is exceptionally informative and entertaining. Please continue to share, and good luck finding the design you are happy with.


  2. Her Paddle-
    As a fellow blogger, I know how frustrating things can be with the blogging editor. And time consuming. Lots and lots of time.

    But, I do hope you continue as you always have something interesting to say and you say it in a very entertaining way.