28 July, 2010

Ow... That Hurts!

Yes it did, and as corny as it sounds I actually said that. Naturally I heard the standard response of "Yes dear, it's a spanking and it's supposed to hurt". She in fact, made sure that it did hurt.

You see we had some private time in the bedroom and as you could imagine my fine lady was anxious to get to get to the bottom of some things. Naturally, my bottom was involved.

She was actually very lenient with me for probably a few reasons. Over the past couple of week we've both been under the weather and although we are both in full recovery mode, we're still not back up to our peak selves.

Also, we were doing some more test driving of our recent Cane-iac additions to our bountiful pain drawer and it's always sensible to go light with new toys until you're familiar with them.

 Unfortunately, some things come natural and
far too quickly to my fine lady.

Since it's been a while, I was perhaps a bit more sensitive and I was having a very difficult time staying in position. More about that later.

In the bundle there was one implement that was a surprise and that's the one I item I've decided to talk about today.

There is of course the old saying that good things come in small packages. We often forget that nasty things fit in small packages too.

When I originally saw this item I wasn't actually very impressed. Naturally as can be expected, that initial first impression was foolish on my part and my most recent 'impressions' are quite the opposite.

It's Acrylic, only 12" long and 2" wide, and you see that's the problem. Imagine a narrow hairbrush. The dimensions actually lets it fit very effectively into that very sensitive crease area between butt and thigh.

She had me on a stack of pillows and I don't know if my teeth marks will ever come out of the bed.

They call it the "Timothy" In some respects it may be the most regrettable of the new items.

I've identified this item as having at least five major flaws:
  • It's very capable of applying a toe curl sting.
  • It's just too easy to concentrate in the butt crease.
  • It's regrettably affordable at $13.95.
  • Being affordable means throwing it away, well, it would only be replaced.
  • The damn thing is small enough to fit in a purse.

You know those sickos at Cane-iac actually sell not only a larger 20" version but also a matched set. Thankfully, we only have the small one (for now). I can't imagine more length and leverage landing in THAT spot.

That last flaw I mentioned...

The fact that it's able to fit in a purse is perhaps the most disconcerting. Yes she did put it there and yes she said something about not being afraid to use it whenever or wherever.


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  1. Carrying in the purse is the most exciting and intimidating idea. Do tell when it happens...
    Enjoying your blog. Will be back to visit often.