09 July, 2010

Back In The Day

No one ever wants to ever imagine their parents or grandparents actually having sex. It's just one of those things that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

But what about the rest of their private activities?

Did you ever wonder back in the day what Grandma and Grandpa did with their other private time?

Did you ever wonder if Grandpa managed to keep on top of all those little chores around the house just because he wanted to?

You know, all those things that Grandpa did to keep the mechanical items around the house in top working order
Fix the squeaky door.
Kept the house freshly painted.
Tightened the loose door knob.
Fixed the wobbly table.
Repaired the dripping faucet.
Workbench well organized.
How did he make the time?

Where did he get the incentive?
Maybe he had regular reminders of his important chores.

Who knows?
Maybe Grandma took an active hand in setting the priorities.

Couldn't have happened....
Could it?


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