16 July, 2010

Where is Safe and Where is Beyond?

Often topics on discussion boards come around to just what is someone's limit and if they like to have that limit explored or even being pushed beyond that limit.


When I'm on the receiving end of a spanking chances are pretty good that I'm not a happy camper and I want it to end RIGHT NOW. There are no two ways about it, unless there happens to be a playful aspect to it, I don't like being spanked at all (while it's happening).

Before it happens?

Yup, love the idea and I find it very exciting. The thoughts of giving up control, or rather having control taken from me occupies my thoughts all too often. It's not that it happens all that often in an everyday fashion, we have other aspects of life too and then there is the whole privacy thing. The peculiar thing is that I have this strange craving to be taken beyond whatever my limit may actually be, that possibility pops into my head every now and then.

Then there is after the spanking. When the welts and bruises fade enough so that they no longer remind me of the spanking that she so lovingly gave me, I wish it had been harder or longer because I actually really enjoy those badges of honor that remind me of her loving care.

In a previous posts I mentioned how being restrained or tied to a spanking bench was something that came up every now and again in my strange brain. It's perfectly obvious that during a spanking if I happened to get a major case of “I’m outta here” I would simply be able to get away as it really would not be possible for my fine lady to restrain me without my cooperation. The situation is the almost the exact opposite any time for many women while they are being spanked. Often they would not be able to get away from a physically stronger man no matter what they wanted to do at the time.

There is of course is the subject of safety. You’ll see the topic of safe words come up every now and again on forum discussions for some obvious reasons. Now I would never suggest that any man or woman ever meet with an unknown or never experienced spanker and ever consider a ‘No Safe Word’ spanking. However in our particular case, I don’t think the concept has ever come up since the very early days when we first met. I don’t need one and I don’t want one, I fully trust my fine lady. She isn’t spanking me to hurt me or to abuse me, she doing it to give me exactly what I want, what I need.

Of course there have been times when the edge of the bed has been digging into my leg, my side or stomach and she, as she should has stopped the spanking long enough so that I can be repositioned. After all, she wants me concentrating on the action that falls on my ass and certainly doesn’t want me distracted from that all too important activity.

I don’t want to be able to choose when the spanking is over, not at all. Strangely, I have spanked female bottoms to the point of sub-space and it wasn’t about how long or how hard the spanking was. That place is elusive and it’s not one that I’ve ever experienced myself. Yet I do crave it.

There have been times when I’ve been spanked and I’ve known I was very close. The point at which my brain was begining to run away from me and I could hardly still feel the pain of the paddle and wanted to feel it more. Unfortunatley, the only times I’ve been close is after very long spankings and sometimes it’s just all too easy to wear out my fine lady before she can get me back near that spot again. Perhaps someday, but my understanding is it just doesn’t happen for everyone and it’s difficult to predictably duplicate.


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  1. "I actually really enjoy those badges of honor that remind me of her loving care."

    I love that term: Badges of Honor. And I love feeling the sting for a day or more afterwards.

    We do use safe words but its more as an emergency thing and would only be used in case I had a heart attack, thermonuclear war or locusts.

    I am lucky enough to have experienced sub-space. It happened about 15 years ago when my eX and I were first exploring things. She paddled me long and fairly hard and I noticed it stopped hurting and really felt good. Since then, I often go into this warm and fuzzy place. Its almost like you have to learn how to relax and let yourself go there. Its easier if you have been there before -- at least for me.