11 July, 2010

Who is She?

I imagine that there are those of you out there who have successfully identified me as a long time bloger on a now almost abandoned spanking blog who has foolishly ventured here.

No mater, if one or even perhaps many blog readers here have identified me, it really is of no concern to me.

The Problem:

The same can not be said for my fine lady. She has run into an issue that may have 'outted' her in the vanilla world. Hence, I've been reluctant to identify her as anything more than 'my fine lady' in these posts that are now as much as a month old.

In order to protect what little anomininity she may still have, I will continue to refer to her as 'my fine lady' or perhaps a made up name that may suit her... Like Stacy.

She is without a doubt a sure thing as a Stacy, I see that as being a fine name in spite of it not being hers.

In any event, in subsequent posts, if you really need to know just open up Microsoft Word and type in Stacy and do a quick 'find and replace' for 'my fine lady' if you should happen to need to have a more readable document.
This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the wonderful people who bring you this extradinary blog. If you should have any further questions simply call your local radio station and demand clarification but be sure to threaten retaliation with a thermo-nuclear device if they should fail to provide it in a timely fashion.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

Have a Nice Day!


  1. Dear Stacy's Husband:

    Sorry. I couldn't resist a little humor. Seriously, I really don't see that it's anyone's business who you or your fine lady are. Perhaps people are just too darned curious, nosy, bored and have nothing better to do than try to figure such things out. You are partnered and from what you describe, happily so.

    I got an email from someone pointing out that he had read through my blog and he added that "You don't really say anything about you or your girl friend..." Well, duh. I don't blog so that people can discover anything about me. I blog because I want to discover new things about myself and my relationship.

    Hang in there, buddy.

  2. Wow, I missed the connection. And even though I was silent during the 'heyday' of your previous blog, I was an avid reader. Any you inspired me to start my own blog.

    I guess I am blessed as both my Lady (Cora, and that is her real name) and I really don't care who knows. I really don't have any close family and she only has a daughter who knows (in fact I made her one of my 'famous' purpleheart paddles). Retirement does have its benefits.

    Anyway, I am delighted to know and now I understand about the very high quality of your 'new' blog.

    Ken (and Cora too).

  3. Thanks guys.

    No, my other blog may be old but it never has been really popular. In fact this blog gets as many visits in a day as the other one gets in a month or so.