31 July, 2010

Yes, We Talked About My Birthday

In case anyone was wondering, we did talk about my birthday, and it was a protracted talk and my fine lady did an excellent job of keeping all the memories of the conversation spread evenly about my posterior. There were of course a few other items that she wanted to 'talk' about too.  
Yes, the Sizzler was used for some of the event and for as much sting that it provided, I did expect a lot more physical evidence. Then again any bumps made by the holes in the Sizzler were probably ironed out by that damn 24" paddle I mentioned the other day.

Also, as I previously mentioned she used that nasty narrow acrylic 'Timothy' pocket paddle so I expected marks along the crease because she did make it a point to concentrate in that area. 

This photo was about 5 or 10 minutes after the conversation had ended and although the immediate sting had faded the heat was intense to the touch. No doubt partially thanks to the rubber paddle that also was used.

We were considering breakfast but decided against frying bacon or eggs on my butt as that would have required a trip to the fridge.

Perhaps two hours later the endorphines faded away and every step, movement or even slight shift of my clothes reminded me of our early morning conversation. You really can't tell from this photo. However my butt was rough, sore and swollen for quite some time after the spanking.The photo may be deceptive but rest assured, I was certainly reminded of our 'conversation' through the next evening.
As usual, unless there is a particularly wicked or concentrated implement used, I don't bruise very much at all. In fact sometimes the lack of marks makes me feel somewhat cheated as they are certainly badges of honor.

It was nice to get 'back into the 'swing of things' so to speak and we did briefly discuss how in the not too distant future I'll be returning the favor as we work toward clearing the air of any issues that may be lingering.

All in all, it was a fine morning and shortly after my spanking we cuddled for a while before progressing to some other adult activities.

While I was enjoying the pleasure of being inside my fine lady, she dug her heels into my still hot ass and made the observation "ummm, someone seems to like that!"

She was correct of course.

She was in fact certain, as I'm sure she felt my pulsations as I came deep inside her.


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