07 July, 2010

Big Boys Don't Cry

Probably one of the worst things that can happen to a boy, and of course happened to most of us was being taught that it wasn't manly to cry. Somehow for generations or perhaps even since the beginning of mankind itself, a man who lets others see his emotions has been identified as being weak.

There could actually be some truth to that considering how devastating such an action as crying during a game of poker could be to one's hope of successfully bluffing.

In all honesty I've wondered if I may fall short on this time honored testosterone benchmark.

Sit me down and force me to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" and it's a sure thing my cheeks will be soaked at the end of the movie when Zuzu makes George Bailey realize that Clarence got his wings.

Yup, there have been a few times when forced to watch chick flicks it's happened too.

Certainly every time I see a clip of the 1980 World Series and Tug McGraw bouncing his glove on his leg to show his father he was thinking of him... Yeah, I blubber uncontrollably.

Then when I hear his son, Country singer Tim McGraw's tribute to his father... Yeah, big tears.

But, then there is spanking.

Not once while being spanked have I broken down to blubbering tears. There have been a number of times where I've been very close to crying, but it just hasn't happened yet. Many people both men and women (but mostly men) have reported that they just don't break down and cry from being spanked. Sure, sometimes tears may well up from the intense pain, but I'm talking about let it all hang out throw all your emotions on the table and get a great cathartic release kind of cry.

So far it just hasn't happened for me.

None the less to deter my lady, she is nothing if not determined. So far it has not been her goal during a spanking, if it ever is, I have no doubt whatever barrier that there may be, will fall.

Strange as it may be, if crying from a spanking is actually my goal as something to experience, the thought of it actually happening, or maybe it's the spanking that would be needed to make it happen just scares the shit out of me.


  1. I'm with you. Despite some very, very hard and long spankings, I have never crossed the threshold of real tears. And, like you, I am both fascinated and scared shitless of the possibility. And, that mix of fascination and terror goes back to my first introduction to DD, when I read stories on the Disciplinary Wives Club website in which men were brought to tears. If you do manage to cry, I suspect it will have more to do with you opening up to it emotionally than any effort on your lady's part. I find there is some point at which my bottom just goes numb and after which harder or longer spankings just serve no purpose. If and when I blubber, I suspect it will be because I somehow got over all that programming that tells us to "take it like a man." Face it -- it can't just be about the physical pain. Guys get mangled in war and don't cry.

  2. I don't know if it's attainable. I'm sure at the very least if it were to ever happen she would have to spank with all the right words or pertinent scolding to fit the situation that could get inside my head at just the right time. Really making me know somehow I disapointed her might do it.

  3. Great Post. Like yourself, I cry easily at some movies... like it's a wonderful life... every time I watch it...plus a number of others...but have never cried when being spanked by Cindy. I am however, trying to stop this macho sh*t, and am starting to owwing when being spanked, and sometimes shifting my weight and feet doing some shuffling if standing , or feet dancing and squirming a little if OTK. I am letting myself surrender to the feeling, and I think it is good thing to do! Stoic is pointless!
    The correct verbal lecture inside your head, and heat applied to your bottom may yet someday bring tears. I will let you know if it happens.