08 July, 2010

Live Like You Were Dying

It just occurred to me that the other day I made a post called "Big Boys Don't Cry" and I mentioned one of the things that brings tears to my eyes is seeing a clip of Tug McGraw during the 1980 World Series.

Foolishly, I didn't consider that many people who stop by this blog may be from other countries and be totally unaware of some baseball trivia. In fact even if a visitor here is a baseball fan, that doesn't mean they know much if anything at all about my local team, the Philadelphia Phillies.

You see Tug McGraw was a relief pitcher for the 1980 Phillies and his successful efforts at game saves took the team through the season, playoffs and actually the final pitch of the 1980 Baseball World Series.

Every sports professional has one year that stands out, Tug had many great years and with other teams, but the 1980 season sticks in the minds of Phillies fans like myself.

Tug's father was often in the stands and Tug when walking off of the pitcher's mound would always slap his glove on his knee to show his hero (his father) that he was thinking of him.

Well, Tug was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and passed in 2004.

Tug McGraw's son happens to be a Country & Western singer.


I couldn't rightly be counted as a big C&W music fan,
but he did write a beautiful song as a tribute to his father 'Tugger' McGraw called:  

Live Like You Were Dying

Well, it too happens to bring tears to my eyes, because I know the connection.
During the last half minute of the music video you can see the 'Tugger' making the last pitch of the 1980 World Series.

You may ask, "Where did he ever get a name like Tug?

Well, the nickname was given to him by his mother...

Something to do with the way he suckled at her teat.



  1. Thanks for the info. Being from Germany I had indeed never heard of Tug.

  2. Morning,

    I am new to your blog or to posting but love this one. Sorry am true Yankee fan but do root for the Pnils when they play the Muts!!

    But Tug was an amazing character. Being in the marine business, I know of his family and his name but this was a great post. Thanks.

    Also, love the new stadium is Phila.

    We are seeing Tim this Thursday, hope he plays this song!