03 July, 2010

She Enjoys Her Work

F/M Spanking World often features some fine photos from Lina's House of Discipline and I do have to say they are often IMHO quite good. I would have to say that what I find interesting about the Lina's photo is that at least the ones featured seem to concentrate on what I like. That would be Spanking in a domestic setting.

Whereas I can understand how many men may be attracted to stronger aspects of FLR and or more typical Fem Domme sort of stuff, it's not really my thing.

Not to disparage anyone that does pursue that sort of thing and admittedly there are times when I do enjoy being dominated by my lady when we play with other things besides just spanking.

But almost all of our spanking adventures are along more of a DD aspect that involve real punishments for real reasons.

One thing is certainly for sure though, and that's when one wanders away from typical vanilla sort of relationships, it's very important to keep an open mind and never say never.


  1. As you said,

    "it's very important to keep an open mind and never say never."

    I believe this world needs more tolerance.

    That said, its fascinating to discover the difference in those of us involved with FLR.

  2. Agreed, and it anoys me to no end when I see a post on some forum where says "Well your not really an XXXXX because you don't 'whatever'. It's strange that an 'area of life' where people are afraid of being labeled as 'weird' is so full of people who want to define strict labels and definitions for a particular lifestyle.