13 July, 2010

The Reveal

Hoo - ray !!!!

We have a winner!

spankedbywife: "I would guess its that loopy thingy you just got from Cane-iac. Yikes!"

Yes, the twisted device that damaged my butt is the intimidating Howler Loopy Thingy from Cane-iac. Perhaps it's not the device that is twisted, perhaps it's the warped twisted individuals at Cane-iac who developed this atrocity that threatens mankind as a Weapon of Ass Destruction.

Thankfully, this was not an actual punishment spanking. My fine lady placed me on a nice stack of pillows to position my vulnerability within easy reach of her efforts as she knelt along side swinging the device with anticipation.

I’m not sure if what I was experiencing at that particular minute was anticipation, nah… trepidation sounds better.

  • She noted how nasty the Loopy Thingy really seems in person.
  • I had already made that observation.
  • She noted how big the Loopy Thingy really seems in person.
  • I had already made that observation.
  • She noted how she bet it was really going to hurt.
  • I had already made that observation.
  • She said it was really long and it was probably going to wrap and leave a nice sore on the side of my ass.
  • I had already made that observation.

Now here is where something odd happened. Since this wasn’t some sort of punishment, discipline reminder or stress relief spanking… Just your typical try the new pain toy spanking, she actually asked me how I wanted it. I can probably best relate this choice to the reluctant subject of a firing squad being asked if he wanted to be fatally shot through the head or fatally shot through the heart.

I made my decision, “Just take one full force really hard swing and be done with it”.

She though for a second and said no, “I’m going to need a few good practice swings first”. Now I wondered why she even asked, but I decided it might not be the best choice to bring up the discrepancy at this particular time.

What I wanted to say was:

Why the fuck did you ask?

But I decided to hold my thoughts amd my tongue for the moment.

Well, she took two “warm-up” smacks and one really wicked swing on my poor lower cheek. She then decided that she had to do both cheeks because she didn’t want me having some sort of ill after effect like having to walk sideways or off balance. You see that’s why I love her, she’s always concerned that things should work out well for me.

I was actually surprised by the nasty implement. What I had expected was something similar to cane pain with a real “holy shit” sting when it landed. Well, it did have a really ‘holy shit’ sting but it wasn’t that sort of feels like a knife that makes you look back to see if there’s a blood trail sort of sting.

But there was thud too and plenty of it. That’s not exactly true, the one really nasty swing per cheek were the sorts of landings upon my flesh that did make me wonder why the hell I ever started this warped endeavor.

Thinking back to how the R&D department at Cane-iac described the Loopy Thingy:
"HOWLER - Silicone LOOP, 17+" a truly VICIOUS spanking tool. "

You just have to stop and think about it a bit. Here we have the maker of wicked canes (Are there any other kind? none are 'yummy'.) describing an item as a "truly VICIOUS" spanking tool. In retrospect, I realize it's always important to consider the source.

In any event I imagine the reason they use rubber hoses filled with sand in police interrogation rooms and spy HQs around the world is simply because Cane-iac hasn’t bothered to market this product to them, yet.

This photo shows the result right after the nasty deed and you can see the result of two “warm-up” swings. You can also see the darker marks from the really nasty swing. Note that when swung truly fast and hard the loop actually stretches out and narrowed to about half of it's width leaving the marks closer together (and the resulting pain more concentrated).

Shortly after the event we went out to a local breakfast special. Sitting there I was reminded of our earlier activity and when we returned home a quick peek revealed that the nasty one had developed into a rather annoying welted itchy sore with a bit of deeper muscle pain.

Thankfully I had been on pillows. If I had been bent over a chair or even on elbows and knees I imagine my skin and butt muscles would have been tensed enough for the really nasty terrible Howler Loopy Thingy to do some real serious deep pain. Actually, if this had been a real punishment spanking and if I had been to subject to more than just one really nasty swing to each side... I would certainly be sleeping on my belly tonight, in fact I might still.

Now my fine lady is somewhat anxious, perhaps a bit too anxious to try more of the newly acquired pain tools. Evidently, she found the whole endeavor… ‘fun’.

I mentioned that it might be best to wait until the existing pain and marks had faded. She said that’s not really an issue, a little makeup could be used and we could still get some really nice pictures. Unfortunately, she probably has my shade.


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  1. Definitely a frightening toy(?). The fact that it elongates when being swung means it will wrap past the intended target. Vicious is a bad idea when spanking!