29 July, 2010

I Never Remeber

For some insane reason I never seem to remember just how difficult a time I can have trying to stay in place during a spanking. Until I am yet again in that vulnerable position with my butt raised into the prevailing breeze.

Especially when not OTK and in some position like being bent over a chair or laying on a stack of pillows.

Actually, I think for me being bent over a chair or table and having one's feet on the ground might be easier to take than being over a stack of pillows. You see my legs always seem to want to run the 3 minute mile and they are ready to leave right now with absolutely no regard for the consequences.

That brings up another issue.

While we were having our little "heat my bottom" session as usual I jumped around too much. Naturally such behavior always leads to more, and more is always with a heavier, larger and more painful implement. Additionally, they are certain to be delivered with every ounce of oomph that my fine lady can muster.

So, there I was kicking and jumping out of the position I was warned to stay in, and of course she decides that she likes the leverage she gets from a certain 24" long paddle. Yeah, the one that's pictured.

The one that I wondered about from Cane-iac.

As you readers can imagine, I'm a bit concerned that my fine lady has taken a liking to this device. There was something about the way she said "Ok, you've earned six full force and if you move one little inch off of those pillows we'll do them all again with you touching your toes".

You see I also have this concern about touching my toes and it being perhaps a more vulnerable and painful position to be in especially with that 24" paddle. Additionally, the fact that her hands are small enough that she can swing it two handed, well that's also a concern.

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  1. Fortunately, Cindy has no problem with my moving about a bit while I am spanked.