13 July, 2010

Guess The Implement

There are other blogs that post a "Guess the Implement", typically they show a strange device that has become a pervertable. You can see a recent example at Hermione's Heart at this link.

The object is usually trying to guess what it's original vanilla life purpose was. Pervertables are all over the place, every time I go to the store I manage to see something new that can be perverted to spanking duty. Sure, we all see them in the housewares isle and of course a trip to the hardware store can just send the brain into overdrive.

However in this post I'm going to make a little twist on the whole "Guess The Implement" game. Perhaps more precisely, I'm going to present an opportunity to guess what twisted implement was used on my poor ass. The only evidence available being whatever welt can be identified on my all too vulnerable posterior.

This photo was right after 'application' of the twisted device. Where you can see the darker lines, moments later a nice thick welt developed.

In this particular post the item could be a pervertable or it could be something made specifically for the fine hobby of hubby spanking.



  1. This is an interesting variation on my theme! I'll guess it's an electrical cord that made those marks.


  2. Thank's Hermione. Good guess (but wrong)! Someone cue the Jeopardy music please...

  3. I would guess its that loopy thingy you just got from Cane-iac. Yikes!

  4. Ding, Ding, Ding!!!
    We have a winner.
    The prize?
    You win the knowledge of now you know what Cora needs in her arsenal. Or is it Ass-arnal?