10 July, 2010

Reading Comprehension

I really need to work on my reading comprehension. Sometimes little clues or even obvious clues just manage to escape me. Sometimes I'm just captivated by a photograph and make assumptions about something and just ignore the more important details.

Take for instance my recent mention of my intended acquisition of some new pain tools. I believe I made mention of the loopy thing that Cane-iac sold as being something to be avoided. Never having seen one in real life I jumped to the silly conclusion that my previous experience with a similar device was enough to steer all clear of doing something foolish like ordering the blasted thing. In retrospect, perhaps I should have made my objections better understood.

Now if you look at the above picture from the Cane-iac website, it really doesn't look at all very intimidating. Looks like a cute little loopy thing doesn't it.

Well, I already knew that cute little loopy things can hurt like all hell and I thought my warning was enough for all involved. I repeat, in retrospect, perhaps I should have made my objections better understood.

You see the problem is the parcel was picked up from the post office today and the full impact of the contents hit home. I'm very concerned that soon the contents will impact something else and that else is my poor ass.

My intention today is to reveal two of  the items in the aforementioned parcel. First I'll concentrate on trying to describe the above pictured loopy thingy.

But back to the Reading Comprehension issue. You see I failed to notice the rather explicit description of the blasted device. In particular I don't think I actually noticed the all too vivid description of the item:

HOWLER - Silicone LOOP, 17+" a truly VICIOUS spanking tool.

I further failed to notice this additional (in retrospect) very important detail:

At 17" long this loop is really incredible. It is very flexible and gives great whipping action. Bottoms will hate it, we don't think they will ever even Love to Hate it, just hate it, despise it and dread it being used.

Naturally, my failure to pick up on these little clues has become an ever growing concern. Especially since Loopy Thingies can be very quiet to use and that's not necessarily a good thing in a usually too crowded home. Thankfully, my lady is aware of the fact that when she uses it there will certainly be a lot of noise, all of it coming from me.

Now here, in this photo it still doesn't look very intimidating.

Now suppose I try to give it some perspective so that you can better judge the horror that this Loopy Thingy has generated.

Pictured below you will see the Loopy Thingy next to one of the other items from the parcel,

Now does it look intimidating?


  1. Another post that got me laughing. I remember growing up when dishing up dinner with a portion bigger that I could handled. My mother used to say that my eyes were bigger than my stomach,and she was usually right.

    I think that those of us lucky enough to be spanked by our ladies, often think that bigger is better when it comes to the tools that our women will be using on us. I know I am guilty.

    I recently made a paddle out of a beautiful exotic wood called 'purpleheart' (it is really purple). Now, this wood is very heavy. So I decided to use the profile of a paddle that is 18 inches long but made out of a much lighter wood. Its only my good fortune that my router took a large piece out the end and the result was that the finished paddle is less than 16 inches. But I am sure my bottom is very greatful for the smaller (and lighter) result.

  2. I haven't experienced that tool in the silicone version, but my Anne has one in leather. All I can say is OUCH! I agree with the marketing blurb's prediction that it is a tool you will never come to love to hate. Unfortunately, it quickly became Anne's favorite tool.