02 July, 2010

Lasting Sensations

The anticipation and the preperation for the spanking is certainly almost always exciting. There doesn't seem to be any one aspect of the preperation but just about any and all prep work can be exciting. The promise of or even the slightest suggestion that a spanking is impending is enough to begin the blood flow to that particular appendage that at times is much more attentive than my brain.

The curling finger, the sight of the implements (almost never implement), the words or the stance... You know all those things that tell you that your ass is going to be pointing in the air, they all manage most all of the time to get the little fella's attention.

There are some strange aspects about being a spanko that would be imposible explain to someone who has no intrest in the spanking hobby. Probably one of the strangest aspects for me that I too have a hard time understanding is that stange desire for a spanking to be very prolonged or very severe.

No, it's not that I believe I'm really much of a masochist. When it comes right down to it I truly hate being spanked, it hurts a lot. Without a doubt for as often as I may think about spanking in general or especially about being spanked by my lady when the main event begins to become effective, I would much rather be just about anywhere else. However, I have this strange desire to be able to feel that I was spanked much later after the spanking. So, I want her to have access to and to choose how she feels fit items that will ensure the spanking will be memorable. I want to be able to feel my sore bottom reminding my hours and even days later what my lady did because she knew it was what had to be done, because she loves me.

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  1. Very well put - it's exactly the same for me.