27 June, 2010

It's The Little Things

It's the little things that can make a big difference in life. The candlelight table that enhances the anniversary dinner comes to mind. Naturally along those lines, there's the little things that are used to enhance the inevitable spanking when you forgot about the aforementioned anniversary.

I've been trying to figure out just what are all of the things that enhance the experience. You know, those things that are mind game-ish that build expectations and make the anticipation more powerful. I'm going to try and list a few that work on my brain, and I would appreciate if you the readers could respond with what works with you as I'm sure I haven't experience it all (yet).

Certainly the phone calls during the day that remind you about how many hours are left before your ass will be on fire ranks right up there on the list.

The particular dress or skirt along with the obligatory heels comes to mind.

Lying on a tall stack of pillows with cold wet towels soaking my ass so I'll be better able to appreciate her efforts.

In fact, just lying on a tall stack of pillows.

Standing in the corner and hearing the paddles or straps being chosen.

The swish of the cane.

The hairbrush left out in view.

That terrible and too short moment when you know the enjoyable warm-up with her hand is over.

Feeling your undies being lowered.

The particular words that are telling you that 'now you’ve done it'.

Hearing something like: “Stay put, we’re just getting started”.

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