24 June, 2010

The Endless Question (part 1)

Today I decided to write about that one question that if not endless, is certainly repetitive. The question might be framed several different ways but the subject is always the same, implements. Constantly popping up on spanking forums be it ones like Spanking Classics or the dozens of spanking related forums on FetLife. It might appear as "What is your favorite implement?" or perhaps "What implement do you fear the most?".

Favorite? Well that's a bit contradictory isn't it, what they meant is what one makes you gasp when you see it out of the hiding place.

In any event there are always some front runners that will be brought up in these discussions. Spanked Hubby on his old blog would often discuss various forms of the bathbrush as I recall. There are endless varieties of the bathbrush, at one time perhaps the favorite of the spanking community was sold online by the Vermont Country Store, another top contender was from The Body Shop.

Never to be forgotten is the Jokari. Getting harder to find, it once was included in a popular yard game. They can still be found on eBay from time to time, but there are certainly many similar sized and weighted replicas available from the reputable paddle makers.

Most bathbrushes and Jokari paddles are probably right on the edge of being useable for OTK, so naturally if that's usually how your most memorable spankings occur then you'll certainly be familiar with them. The smaller versions which fall into the hairbrush category and are probably without a doubt the most frequently used since they are much lighter and allow the spanker more flexibility in placing the smacks where they'll be most effective. This will allow the spanking to persist for a longer and much more painful event without wearing out the spanker. Of course the spankee getting worn out is not a factor here.

It's gotten really hard to find good quality, inexpensive heavy wooden hairbrushes these days. Most of the inexpensive ones these days are made of plastic and just don't have the oomph preferred by discriminating spankers. The spankee's preferences here once again are not a factor.

Wally World actually has been carrying a rather small wooden hairbrush; of course I bought a couple as they were less than $4.00 US. Foolish me thought "how much could they hurt?", well they can actually hurt and quite a lot.

The small surface seems to be very concentrated and rather painful and just too damn easy for the spanker to effectively use. There has to be a balance here, why should it be too easy for the spanker?

(to be continued with canes and strops and all, oh my)


  1. Interesting topic. Over the years I have acquired many spanking implements. These included an awesome hairbrush, Spencer paddle and rattan cane from NuWest. I also found a Jokari paddle and quite a few others. I have also been recently making paddles and straps.

    I think that my all time favorite is the NuWest Spencer paddle. Its made from 7-ply birch plywood, 3/8 inch thick, is about 18 inches long overall and 4 inches wide. It has 9 rows of three holes and whistles as you are being paddled. Its light enough that Cora can lay it on for an extended period with rather hard strokes. For me it 'hurts so good'. Recently, I have also developed a fondness for the hairbrush, too.

  2. I like the wooden instruments, paddle, bath brush, hair brush. I like the feel of them, the sound of them, the after feel. I like the way they impact on flesh and the color that they leave.

  3. Excellent post, my friend. Last weekend with B made me appreciate the long paddle as one of my favorites. When delivered soundly across both cheeks, there is nothing quite like it. All spanking implements have an appeal to me, as new to this as I am, but the longer paddles are towards the top of my list, for sure.