24 June, 2010

The Endless Question (part 2)

It wouldn't be possible to discuss implements and not mention the cane. The cane is one of those gifts that we've received from the Brits who for the most part can't fathom why we bother with paddles.

The cane has a well desserved reputation for being extreme on a bare bottom and absolutely torturous in the hands of the Singapore Judicial System. However in my not so humble opinion, the cane is the implement that more than any other, shows that how it's used, is what makes the big difference.

Our kindered spirit at Ma'am Yes Ma'am made a recent post about the cane possibly being his hard limit. It's not hard to imagine why. Another of our bretheran Burl Apsack recently displayed the result of his discipline session and there's somethnig about the sight of his drawn blood that inspires second thoughts about it's viability as an instrument of Domestic Discipline.

Then again we here in the colonies think nothing of switchings and birchings and they too routinely draw blood. Perhaps it's because we all grew up knowing someone who was switched or birched at home or we at least heard the threat, so those activites just don't perk the senses like a cane does. Hell, most of our paddles with holes in our toy drawer aren't chamfered around the holes at least on one side, and they too have drawn blood.

In our particular house the cane isn't used very often, but when put in action it does leave welts that will last for at least a few hours and sometimes a sore spot or two that can still be felt next day. Almost all of our spankings happen in the bedroom and actually there just isn't the room for a full swing without taking some pictures off of the wall or possibly knocking everything off of the nightstand. Also, our canes are rather short and not the 32" + wicked things that make the scene in all of the scary videos.

One of our most cherished items is The Domestic Disciplne Strap from London Tanners, it's actually like all of his items, a piece of artwork. London Tanners is currently not shipping items and his website at this writing is on lockdown as he is relocating back across the pond. When it's online, his website shows a number of other items that gained popularity in the proper English or Scotish home and school, certainly some are rather nasty.

The Brits seam to have a popularity over there on the other side of the water for fine leather multi-tailed items such as the tawse. Many manufacturers here round edges or at least cut them at a 45 degree angle to minimize extreme welts when it wraps around a butt cheek or thigh. Not our tea drinking brethern, they apparently cherish items that wrap and provide extra discomfort to the lucky recipient. Well now we know why the  Brits have stiff upper lips, it's because their arses are so sore! Can't say they've got it wrong.

Perhaps some of the more domestic items that in our youth and now again as adults are always within too quick reach in our homes, those items we readilly view as being for Domestic Discipline. They are the ones that can inspire qucik emotional response.

The belt with it's unique sound being pulled through belt loops.

The old toy paddle that once had an elastic band and a ball attached. One should never forget the vast assortment of souvenier paddles hung on the wall that were sold at every tourist trap with the slogans like "Board of Education", "Attitude Adjuster" or "Texas Tail Blazer". 

Without a doubt I could probably write several blog posts about spatulas and wooden spoons, always too close at hand in every kitchen.

Oh, and bread boards, damn bread boards.

(for part 3 of this little series I'll ramble on about materials such as lexan, rubber and all)


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