11 June, 2010

Dress Code

Probably the most sensuous aspect or the prime appeal of being spanked by my lady is the way she dresses for the spanking. There are no two ways about it, women can dress differently than men do. Yes, a woman can wear jeans and sneakers and still look sexy, in fact very sexy if the jeans are tight in all of the right places.

But there is just something special and femine about a skirt or dress. Not to forget how sexy heels can look and I don't know why but I'm sure that few men would disagree.

Here in this first photo the ladies dress is off, she is still in feminine dress but I think the most exciting aspect of this photo is not so much how she is dressed, but the firm grip on the bath brush and the no nonsense stern finger pointing to the destination. There is no doubt that there is going to be a painful spanking and that there will be no delay tolerated. This photo is from SpankedByMyLady and I do know the gentleman who is about to feel the results, is one like me who appreciates the strength (and resulting sting) that can only come from a determined and perhaps pissed off woman.

The sensuality of the photo of an impending spanking supersedes all other thoughts. It draws us close and summons us hither... We forget the the pain, the embarrassment and which one us hasn't forgotten the terrible sting until we feel it again.

In this next photo is a determined woman, her man WILL be spanked. The thought of it has him a bit excited as we see the front of his shirt is tipped up a bit. She's probably thinking that it's a shame that his hard on will be wasted and it's clear she has every intention of making his joystick disappear in short order.

Here in the third photo we have a situation, someone is going to be getting a good spanking. The implement of pain is in hand and it's going to be used.

It's clear that it's going to happen nothing will change that. Yet it's clear that this woman is perfectly willing to listen to an explanation. In fact, she may have demanded an explanation. But there is the prime aspect to the photo, and it's that there WILL be a spanking.

Imagine that, you've got a perfectly good explanation and she is willing to listen. In fact, after the explanation she may very well agree that you did what you were expected to do.

You may very well be forgiven or she may even agree that you don't need to be forgiven and you were in the right all along.

No matter, a spanking has been ordered and it WILL be given and it's not subject to debate. Even if you don't deserve to be spanked for this, there are probably plenty of other things that you should be spanked for, so the effort won't be wasted.

I suppose I see this as being the most sensuous. The feminine dress, the heels, they all say woman and the whole thing says spanking, in fact I believe it says very painful spanking. You know the kind, tears won't mean the spanking is over... Tears just that the spanking is starting to work.


  1. Again, my thanks for showing my Lady in one of her more stern looks (girdle with hairbrush (yes, its a hairbrush) ready to blister my bottom).

    Ken (& Cora, too)

  2. Thanks Ken, I appreciate knowing someone sees the blog.

  3. Ein Königreich jetzt würde ich geben,
    für eine gute Tracht-Prügel auf den blanken.-