13 June, 2010

Won't be Exciting for Long

Sure, the whole idea of being taken OTK by our lady is a bit of a turn on, but it sure doesn’t last for long when she has a point to get across.

 There might be a little remark about being such a waste, or “ I see you’re enjoying yourself… Well I’ll change that very quickly!”

In fact when our manhood betrays us, it seems there is a certain vigor to seeing that the spanking won’t be something to be enjoyed. Perhaps it becomes some sort of challenge. There is no doubt, it's a sure thing that each of these men will be getting a especially long and certainly very painful spanking.

It never fails, being spanked by her draws us to it again and again. Every single time we forget what it was like the last time. Yet we crave being there again. When first climbing over her knee we experience her positioning 'things' in a way that we cherish the sensation... being against her inner thigh but that sensation is momentary and fleeting.

Then it begins.
We forget the sting, the thud, the burn…

but especially the sting.


  1. great list of F/M blogs. Hope you add a few comments to each blog you visit,or are spanked again for not doing so.

  2. Mega Geil,
    eine gute Tracht immer auf den blanken.-