10 April, 2011

So I still need a spanking.

So I need a spanking, a major serious spanking.

It's been a while since I've been spanked, and as I related in my last post that I really shouldn't be pushing so much  as My Fine Lady might say be "Jonesing for a hurtin'" as she hasn't been feeling well.

Still, it's all I've been able to think about.

There is a of course more to the story, and of course more that I had no intention to divulge to public scrutiny.

I've been a naughty boy the past week or three, I've been indulging in martinis much more than usual, and perhaps at times, more than I should even in light of what may be viewed as a male version of bratting... Of course as previously reported, with no desired result.

Then there are other things... Like what those martinis may be encouraging me to do to get attention that I haven't mentioned... Like shaving my balls.

I always (for decades) wore beards or moustaches (on my face), but early on My Fine Lady let me know she preferred me clean shaven... so to try to comply with her desires I've mostly been clean shaven.

Now, you mix this information with measured (minute) amounts of Dry Vermouth and much larger amounts of Gin, with a pinch of a kinky middle age man's brain and the result is a man sitting on the can shaving his nuts.

Naturally, as the regular reader may realize, her amusement was both controlled and measured.

Most importantly, I want her to be feeling better, but still I feal guilty for how much these warped desires have made me realize I need to pay more attention to her needs.