04 April, 2011

Mind Mess

OK, so my brain is totally in knots.

It's been a few weeks since I've been spanked. Ours is a strange relationship since from the start I was probaby supposed to Top her a lot more often than her Top me.

The thing of it is, I'm more than happy to Top her any time she wants that... but the reality is we've both realized that when she Tops me she gets VERY wet.

Now this may have created a quandry for her, My Fine Lady hs always identified mainly as sub. I've always been more switch.

This morning in desperation for the attention I crave, I sent My Fine Lady an email with photos and artwork of wifes spanking thier husbands asses raw sore with the simple question if it gave her any ideas.

Well, the answer came, that she hasn't been  feeling well enogh to respnd to my hints. I should have realized but I've been more focused on my needs, and unaware of hers.... See that?

Good reason for my deserving  a sound spanking!
Damn I love this woman and I want to be laying over her knee feeling her love for me, but I guess I've been too selfish not realizing she's not been well.

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