27 June, 2010

It's The Little Things

It's the little things that can make a big difference in life. The candlelight table that enhances the anniversary dinner comes to mind. Naturally along those lines, there's the little things that are used to enhance the inevitable spanking when you forgot about the aforementioned anniversary.

I've been trying to figure out just what are all of the things that enhance the experience. You know, those things that are mind game-ish that build expectations and make the anticipation more powerful. I'm going to try and list a few that work on my brain, and I would appreciate if you the readers could respond with what works with you as I'm sure I haven't experience it all (yet).

Certainly the phone calls during the day that remind you about how many hours are left before your ass will be on fire ranks right up there on the list.

The particular dress or skirt along with the obligatory heels comes to mind.

Lying on a tall stack of pillows with cold wet towels soaking my ass so I'll be better able to appreciate her efforts.

In fact, just lying on a tall stack of pillows.

Standing in the corner and hearing the paddles or straps being chosen.

The swish of the cane.

The hairbrush left out in view.

That terrible and too short moment when you know the enjoyable warm-up with her hand is over.

Feeling your undies being lowered.

The particular words that are telling you that 'now you’ve done it'.

Hearing something like: “Stay put, we’re just getting started”.

25 June, 2010

The Endless Question (part 3)

First off as I compose this rambling about spanking materials, let me get one thing clear. Anyone who thinks "leather is yummy" hasn't experienced some of the items in our toy drawer, or at least hasn't experienced them in the capable hands of my lady. There is something about leather implements be they 'my belt', the London Tanners Domestic Discipline strap or even some of the inexpensive eBay 'guitar' or 'banjo' paddles. The more they get used, the more flexible they are. The more flexible they are, the more they wrap around butt cheeks and thighs. The more they wrap around butt cheeks and thighs the more they feel like they are taking a top layer of skin with them.

But it isn't just the material leather that can be wicked, it's some of the terrible things that are done with leather. Who the hell is the heartless bastard that ever thought up the tawse anyway, and why did he or she think a strap/strop needed more than one tail?

Perhaps the most beautiful spanking instruments are made of wood. Now there are people out there that view wood as being a hard limit, I'm not one of them. My personal preference is for a nice piece of oak or walnut lightly stained just enough to enhance the grain. There are vast differences in the effectiveness of wood and the variations are virtually endless. There are many beautiful exotic varieties of wood that allow the item to actually be a piece of artwork, but the true artistic event is in their application.

Very light thin soft wood paddles can succumb to breakage, but don't get your hopes up... They are stingy, and the damn things just never seem to break at the beginning of a spanking. On the other hand, there are thick and heavy hardwood paddles that can only be burned, else they certainly burn your ass.

Our most recent acquisition is what many people might call a 'holy terror' style paddle from Woodrage Paddles. 3/4" of oak that looks a bit scary. Yet to be tried, we'll eventually see just where it fits in the grand scheme of things but I suspect it might be a memorable and effective item.

Oh, and there are far too many wooden spoons in the world and they should never be soaked in a pitcher of ice water before a spanking.

Modern technology has brought our behinds out of the dark ages with Lexan. My first experience with this space age material was with some paddles from Hanson Paddlewerks. Unfortunately, they just won't break and it's not for lack of trying. Some idiot (me) decided to drill holes in one of them... What was I thinking?

Modern chemistry hasn't only offered Lexan, soft plastics have entered the picture too. I mentioned in a previous post that Cane-iac now has a very reasonably priced flexible vinyl/polypropylene prison strap-ish looking device that just sooner or later will likely end up as another tool in our collection. Having been both a user and recipient of a similar device a few years ago, I can attest to the nastiness of such a device.

Oh, BTW... If you don't have one of those rubber or silicone Loopy Johnny style devices, I'll save you the trouble, don't get one. I made ours from from a short piece of an old broom handle and a bungee cord, it was a foolish thing to do. They are just too quiet in operation. There will be a lot of noise but it won't be coming from the device of terror, it will be your screams and cries for mercy.

24 June, 2010

The Endless Question (part 2)

It wouldn't be possible to discuss implements and not mention the cane. The cane is one of those gifts that we've received from the Brits who for the most part can't fathom why we bother with paddles.

The cane has a well desserved reputation for being extreme on a bare bottom and absolutely torturous in the hands of the Singapore Judicial System. However in my not so humble opinion, the cane is the implement that more than any other, shows that how it's used, is what makes the big difference.

Our kindered spirit at Ma'am Yes Ma'am made a recent post about the cane possibly being his hard limit. It's not hard to imagine why. Another of our bretheran Burl Apsack recently displayed the result of his discipline session and there's somethnig about the sight of his drawn blood that inspires second thoughts about it's viability as an instrument of Domestic Discipline.

Then again we here in the colonies think nothing of switchings and birchings and they too routinely draw blood. Perhaps it's because we all grew up knowing someone who was switched or birched at home or we at least heard the threat, so those activites just don't perk the senses like a cane does. Hell, most of our paddles with holes in our toy drawer aren't chamfered around the holes at least on one side, and they too have drawn blood.

In our particular house the cane isn't used very often, but when put in action it does leave welts that will last for at least a few hours and sometimes a sore spot or two that can still be felt next day. Almost all of our spankings happen in the bedroom and actually there just isn't the room for a full swing without taking some pictures off of the wall or possibly knocking everything off of the nightstand. Also, our canes are rather short and not the 32" + wicked things that make the scene in all of the scary videos.

One of our most cherished items is The Domestic Disciplne Strap from London Tanners, it's actually like all of his items, a piece of artwork. London Tanners is currently not shipping items and his website at this writing is on lockdown as he is relocating back across the pond. When it's online, his website shows a number of other items that gained popularity in the proper English or Scotish home and school, certainly some are rather nasty.

The Brits seam to have a popularity over there on the other side of the water for fine leather multi-tailed items such as the tawse. Many manufacturers here round edges or at least cut them at a 45 degree angle to minimize extreme welts when it wraps around a butt cheek or thigh. Not our tea drinking brethern, they apparently cherish items that wrap and provide extra discomfort to the lucky recipient. Well now we know why the  Brits have stiff upper lips, it's because their arses are so sore! Can't say they've got it wrong.

Perhaps some of the more domestic items that in our youth and now again as adults are always within too quick reach in our homes, those items we readilly view as being for Domestic Discipline. They are the ones that can inspire qucik emotional response.

The belt with it's unique sound being pulled through belt loops.

The old toy paddle that once had an elastic band and a ball attached. One should never forget the vast assortment of souvenier paddles hung on the wall that were sold at every tourist trap with the slogans like "Board of Education", "Attitude Adjuster" or "Texas Tail Blazer". 

Without a doubt I could probably write several blog posts about spatulas and wooden spoons, always too close at hand in every kitchen.

Oh, and bread boards, damn bread boards.

(for part 3 of this little series I'll ramble on about materials such as lexan, rubber and all)

The Endless Question (part 1)

Today I decided to write about that one question that if not endless, is certainly repetitive. The question might be framed several different ways but the subject is always the same, implements. Constantly popping up on spanking forums be it ones like Spanking Classics or the dozens of spanking related forums on FetLife. It might appear as "What is your favorite implement?" or perhaps "What implement do you fear the most?".

Favorite? Well that's a bit contradictory isn't it, what they meant is what one makes you gasp when you see it out of the hiding place.

In any event there are always some front runners that will be brought up in these discussions. Spanked Hubby on his old blog would often discuss various forms of the bathbrush as I recall. There are endless varieties of the bathbrush, at one time perhaps the favorite of the spanking community was sold online by the Vermont Country Store, another top contender was from The Body Shop.

Never to be forgotten is the Jokari. Getting harder to find, it once was included in a popular yard game. They can still be found on eBay from time to time, but there are certainly many similar sized and weighted replicas available from the reputable paddle makers.

Most bathbrushes and Jokari paddles are probably right on the edge of being useable for OTK, so naturally if that's usually how your most memorable spankings occur then you'll certainly be familiar with them. The smaller versions which fall into the hairbrush category and are probably without a doubt the most frequently used since they are much lighter and allow the spanker more flexibility in placing the smacks where they'll be most effective. This will allow the spanking to persist for a longer and much more painful event without wearing out the spanker. Of course the spankee getting worn out is not a factor here.

It's gotten really hard to find good quality, inexpensive heavy wooden hairbrushes these days. Most of the inexpensive ones these days are made of plastic and just don't have the oomph preferred by discriminating spankers. The spankee's preferences here once again are not a factor.

Wally World actually has been carrying a rather small wooden hairbrush; of course I bought a couple as they were less than $4.00 US. Foolish me thought "how much could they hurt?", well they can actually hurt and quite a lot.

The small surface seems to be very concentrated and rather painful and just too damn easy for the spanker to effectively use. There has to be a balance here, why should it be too easy for the spanker?

(to be continued with canes and strops and all, oh my)

23 June, 2010

Staying Put

Here we have what appears to be some sort of spanking bench or box to hold the hapless victim in place. I see chains, but it doesn't actually look like they are being used.

One of the hardest things for my lady to do is to keep me in place. I've gotten much better at it and over the past few spankings she's told me that's she's proud of me for staying put. But I do know that although they were very hard spankings they were not as hard

as they could have been if the
circumstances (what I deserved) were different.

One time about two years ago my lady decided to try tying me in place. We have one of those old heavy steel chairs that are often seen in WWII era war movies usually in the Captains cabin. Perhaps you've noticed them, sort of a blue-ish silver with a thick green vinyl padded seat and backrest.

Well I was bent over the back of the chair and my hands and feet were tied to the legs with some of my old neck-ties. After an especially hard smack with what was probably the long heavy bathbrush my muscle reaction took over and I managed to flip the thing over. There I was flat on my back with the legs of the chair pointed up with my four limbs tied to them like four swords to defend myself.

We were both laughing so hard at that point it automatically put an end to that particular spanking.

It's not that I cherish the thought of being tied over a spanking bench of some sort totally helpless at the complete mercy of my lady and her implement... Well, maybe I do.

Considering the size difference, it's not easy for my lady to hold me in place. Although nothing is better than OTK or at least over the lap because of the personal contact, it's not always the perfect scenario for every part of a punishment spanking.

There is a certain mind game that comes into play during a punishment spanking. While bent over a chair or laying on a stack of pillows the lack of touch for me adds more to the punishment. Somehow it's becomes less personal and adds to the pain of the strapping, canning or paddling. Then toward the end of the punishment while OTK or over the lap, her touch, her closeness even her forcefully holding my hand in place behind my back makes the pain more tolerable.

But, none the less, at some point either I will be buying or building some sort saddle horse, spanking bench or stand of some sort that will present my upturned bottom well bent, skin stretched and waiting for whatever she should decide to punish with.

It will probably need ballast and outriggers.

22 June, 2010

Never Quick and Simple

I suppose that for those of us who experience punishment spankings or at least crave them we realize that if the pants come down it's not going to be quick and simple.

This is another few photos found at F/M Spanking World of Lina's House of Discipline. You can imagine your own script but here we see a simple warm-up with her hand. That part never seems to last long enough does it?

Before long, the warm-up turns into burn-up as the effectiveness of a well used strap becomes obvious.

This implement would appear to a particularily nasty little slapper although it probably is a relief after that strap.

Naturally, what punishment wouldn't be complete without a bit of cane pain.

At the completion of the task the lovely lady is justifiably proud of her accomplishment. However as I look at this I realize that my lady would never let me get away like this without crimsome upper thighs and a well tendered crease spot.

Guess I'm the lucky one!

20 June, 2010

The Godfather of Men Who Are Spanked

Actually, for any that want to know I'm not a new blogger. I've been blogging for quite some time (about 4 years or so) but I am new to blogging about my desires relate to being spanked by my lady.

So, yes I've hung around the F/m side of blogging for a while and honestly I miss one of the pioneers of this side of the paddle... Spanked Hubby.

We're approaching a year since Spanked Hubby kept his blog active. Unfortunately, he deleted all of his old posts and there was lost much in great thoght and much in insight.

What do we know.

He was a normal guy perhaps Northwest US or Southwest Canadian and he tried to protect his privacy. Something that's not easy to do in this electronic everyone's connect age.

Well, we know that he was active in getting together with others. We know that those meetings didn't always go well and we know that some sort of battle came about because he was chalenged by a Femme spanker who may have decided to ignore his limits.

We know that he decided to do away with his long standing popular blog perhaps for fear that his privacy would be compromised.

Well, I hope he's still out there, actually I'm sure he must be because these thoughts that race through a mans's mind aren't easily forgotten.

Perhaps he's trying to take a low key profile, and not pushing or promoting his beliefs so much. I hope all is well for him.

Right now his blog is just a place holder with some adult/kinky kind of posts but what has been lost is his incredible insight to the aspects of being a spanked hubby.

Anyone else feel this way about the loss of Mike's Insight?

Mike, I for one DO miss your insight!

18 June, 2010

The Loveable Cane

About a year and a half ago my lovely lady decided to order a few items from Cane-iac.

She didn’t order the full length ones, I think ours are about 24” or so, one thin with very wicked sting and one thicker with very wicked sting and a little thud. She also bought an OTK-ish five strand rattan thing that hasn’t been used much at all, and now that it has been used I wish she never bought the damn thing.

The first canes I ever experienced I bought from an online vendor of instruments of pain. They were available in different thicknesses so I bought a couple, they were cheap enough and were simply raw rattan. Wanting them to be properly conditioned I soaked them with linseed oil in hopes of making them last longer. Well that was pretty much a complete waste of time, they broke on first use.

Without a doubt the Cane-iac canes have been a very good purchase, hence the title The Loveable Cane, I do like it when we get our moneys worth. It does seem to be obvious that canes do break yet ours have lasted for well over a year and a half. Granted they aren’t used daily and only come out for serious punishments (are there any other kind?). Actually the thin one broke inside the handle and I’ve considered glueing it back on and just haven’t gotten around to it. Why should I make it easier to use?

Of course I’ve thought of ordering their 32” cane and probably will one of these days but cash is tight right now. Of course every time I go to the Cane-iac site they have something new that gets my attention.

Now they have a 24” flexible plastic strap that I have my eye on, very reasonably priced at $15.95 and I would probably be stupid enough to buy their rubber strap too.

Oh my. Why do I keep looking for weapons of ass destruction?

17 June, 2010

Clare's a Natural

Clare Fonda does certainly does spank men, and apparently she does it very well.

There is a certain look of determination here, determination that will not be diverted nor swayed. She does intend to make a point.

As she begins to try to get her point across, well it actually looks like this fellow is enjoying it too much. Frankly, who wouldn't.

Here in this photo we see that Clare won't have any of it. She's apparently pissed and she wants to know that the spanking is going to be taken seriously.

Not one to fool around, play games of be taken lightly Clare skillfully adapts and puts the poor (or lucky) subject in a position and under an implement that will insure that he knows she was serious.

16 June, 2010

Lucky Fellow

One of F/M Spanking World most recent posts is a listing to a free Spanking Gallery of Sweedish Discipline from Lina.   Well, I may a be a bit odd, but for me pictures like these are very exciting.

These have a much more domestic look to them and not so much of a Fem Domme look. Not that there's anything wrong with the Fem Domme look if that's your thing but there is something more realistic for me when the Fem Spanker isn't scantily clad in leather and rhinestones.

Here in the second photo shows a woman who is concentrating on his vulnerable cheeks and she's clearly on the way to giving him something that he'll be able to remember and cherish for a while.

Sure she's a hot Sweedish Blonde and that's a good thing, but there's certainly much more. She has the look of the sort of woman who has no problem following her man's lead on his arm on the street, but also very capable of setting the rules and enforcing them at home as we see here. To me, that's very sexy.

This third photo is a bit scary if you've ever been in this position, and I have. With her weight on his back it's very difficult if not impossible to get away. All he can do is stare at her heels (yeah, that's good too) and accept the pain from the well placed and effective bathbrush.

Obviously she is deservedly proud of her handiwork and willing to show it off.

14 June, 2010

Don't Be a Silly, Of Course They Come Down

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Every time I see pictures like these I imagine a thousand different dialouges for them. All, end with a spanking.

"You didn't really think I was going to spank you over your underware didi you. No honey, it's going to be on your bare ass and it's going to have to hurt. If it didn't, how would you know that I'm serious?"

"Just relax as best as you can right now, I want you to pay attention to everything I say and this is how you will learn. I going to make sure I have your undevided attention. The next time at breakfast that I tell you something I expect you to put down your paper and pay attention to what I say..."

"You will hear and understand everything I say to you, it's your choice either it will be over breakfast or it will be over my knee. Do you understand what I'm saying to you?"

"I know you didn't mean anything by it. But baby, you have a choice. The next time we go out to diner you will pay attention to me. Otherwise, if your eyes wander to look at a cute young ass that walks by, then you know I'm going to mark MY territory all over your ass.

Now just try to relax honey, I'm going to put my mark on you." 
No, I won't stand for it and I don't want to hear it. You will learn that your ass is mine and whenever your eyes wander you ass will pay the price.

"I'm going to make you remember, one way or another."

13 June, 2010

Won't be Exciting for Long

Sure, the whole idea of being taken OTK by our lady is a bit of a turn on, but it sure doesn’t last for long when she has a point to get across.

 There might be a little remark about being such a waste, or “ I see you’re enjoying yourself… Well I’ll change that very quickly!”

In fact when our manhood betrays us, it seems there is a certain vigor to seeing that the spanking won’t be something to be enjoyed. Perhaps it becomes some sort of challenge. There is no doubt, it's a sure thing that each of these men will be getting a especially long and certainly very painful spanking.

It never fails, being spanked by her draws us to it again and again. Every single time we forget what it was like the last time. Yet we crave being there again. When first climbing over her knee we experience her positioning 'things' in a way that we cherish the sensation... being against her inner thigh but that sensation is momentary and fleeting.

Then it begins.
We forget the sting, the thud, the burn…

but especially the sting.

11 June, 2010

Dress Code

Probably the most sensuous aspect or the prime appeal of being spanked by my lady is the way she dresses for the spanking. There are no two ways about it, women can dress differently than men do. Yes, a woman can wear jeans and sneakers and still look sexy, in fact very sexy if the jeans are tight in all of the right places.

But there is just something special and femine about a skirt or dress. Not to forget how sexy heels can look and I don't know why but I'm sure that few men would disagree.

Here in this first photo the ladies dress is off, she is still in feminine dress but I think the most exciting aspect of this photo is not so much how she is dressed, but the firm grip on the bath brush and the no nonsense stern finger pointing to the destination. There is no doubt that there is going to be a painful spanking and that there will be no delay tolerated. This photo is from SpankedByMyLady and I do know the gentleman who is about to feel the results, is one like me who appreciates the strength (and resulting sting) that can only come from a determined and perhaps pissed off woman.

The sensuality of the photo of an impending spanking supersedes all other thoughts. It draws us close and summons us hither... We forget the the pain, the embarrassment and which one us hasn't forgotten the terrible sting until we feel it again.

In this next photo is a determined woman, her man WILL be spanked. The thought of it has him a bit excited as we see the front of his shirt is tipped up a bit. She's probably thinking that it's a shame that his hard on will be wasted and it's clear she has every intention of making his joystick disappear in short order.

Here in the third photo we have a situation, someone is going to be getting a good spanking. The implement of pain is in hand and it's going to be used.

It's clear that it's going to happen nothing will change that. Yet it's clear that this woman is perfectly willing to listen to an explanation. In fact, she may have demanded an explanation. But there is the prime aspect to the photo, and it's that there WILL be a spanking.

Imagine that, you've got a perfectly good explanation and she is willing to listen. In fact, after the explanation she may very well agree that you did what you were expected to do.

You may very well be forgiven or she may even agree that you don't need to be forgiven and you were in the right all along.

No matter, a spanking has been ordered and it WILL be given and it's not subject to debate. Even if you don't deserve to be spanked for this, there are probably plenty of other things that you should be spanked for, so the effort won't be wasted.

I suppose I see this as being the most sensuous. The feminine dress, the heels, they all say woman and the whole thing says spanking, in fact I believe it says very painful spanking. You know the kind, tears won't mean the spanking is over... Tears just that the spanking is starting to work.

10 June, 2010

Her Paddle

I've been wondering how to start this blog. What better way than to devote a post to the title of the blog, Her Paddle. In fact now that I think about it, I believe I'll make a few posts that are reviews of the various instruments that torture my butt.

Of course, there is no ONE paddle, but as you might imagine there is one in particular that comes out for almost every spanking. It's wood, it's shaped like an old hairbrush, it's oak, it's heavy, it's thick and it stings like a son of a bitch.

Only 10 inches long she has no problem wielding it for a very painful OTK spanking. When bent over and getting a full arm swing it impacts with surprising thud for such a small paddle, it's certainly effective. If you've never been on the receiving end of a paddle like this, you'll never understand. Let's just say I know it's sounds. From the moment it is set down on the dresser to the to my yelps that are guranteed.

It's a sure bet that the spanking will be remembered when delivered with oak. Even if it were the only implement used (and that hasn't happened yet) it alone would leave me with some sore spots for at least a day or two.

Ours was a gift (you know who you are and I won't forgive you) and I'm pretty certain it came from Woodrage Paddles. Actually, I think it came from another vendor that resold it, but the one pictured at Woodrage looks just like it and it's listed as being much less expensive than the one at a retailer where I believe it was purchased.

I think what makes the big difference is the fact that it's made of 3/4 oak and has lands with a solid smack that stings with an authority that is sure to be remembered.

Probably a mistake, but I believe the next addition to the toy bag will be their full size 3/4 inch paddle. What is ever wrong with my thinking I don't know... I keep buying these things that I live to regret.

It's either that or a longer cane, I think we'll get the paddle.