11 August, 2010

What About the Irish and Italians

I grew up not far from Philadelphia, PA, USA.

One thing for sure is that often in or close to a major city, there is a pretty good chance there might be little ethnic pockets.

Which is absolutely great for take-out food.

Of course one becomes aware of these differences at an early age, but there was one thing that just baffled me.

Every time there would be some major issue that was being discussed on the news there was talk of the Polls deciding the outcome. For the life of me, I couldn't imagine why the Polls made all the decisions.

Were the Polish better able to make important decisions than Italians, Germans, Irish or any other ethnic group?

Perhaps there was something in the potato pancakes or pierogies that provided them with better cognitive powers.

But I digress...

When I first started this blog all of two months ago today, I put a poll in the side bar to get an idea who the readers here might be.

I asked:

What is your role?

I was surprised that over 90% of those who responded were men. Actually, I kind of expected more women would stop by the blog.

Since there is such a high percentage of male readers here, I just might take advantage of the situation and post a dirty joke or three every once in a while.

Or, maybe get into some truly manly discussions about drinking beer and eating deviled eggs and being able to clear a room.

Back on topic.

Of the 90% men who responded, 70% are spankee and 21% both spanker and spankee.

Now we all know the wonderful saying... Figures lie and liars figure...

But my curiosity is not yet satisfied so I've added a new poll on the side bar asking for relationship status.

Now I know what you're thinking.

You're German or Italian and I should really be asking the Polish, but what the heck.

This new poll will only be open for about 10 days so look over on the side and click away.

Vote early, vote often.


  1. German Irish here.
    spankee, switch
    married for a looonnnggg time to a vanilla

    Some of the dirtiest jokes I've heard have been from women. Some of the most vulgar people I know are women. Go figure or go lie. I forget how that goes.

  2. All German here:-)

    Ok, its not really a great joke,its more of a question and I am not even sure if you can understand my English..., but my mom told it to me today and it makes me laugh:

    "A man walks alone in the forest. Is it his fault?"

    And seriously, all women in my family just yelled: Yes!!!!!

  3. B.T.: So true. Times have changed. I prefer the old fasion woman who is always a lady. The old saying is of course when the lights go out a true lady takes off her clothes and does her whoreish best.

    Lawyer: It loses a bit in the translation but the sentiment does come through.

    Yes, it is his fault. Obviously it's a concept that trancends political and linguistic boundaries :)

  4. Irish/cherokee

    90% men?? really? Well i guess i'm in the minority here huh?
    i enjoy your blog very interesting and funny.