02 August, 2010

Where it Started (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this "Where it Started" series you may somehow have been lead to believe that  my spanking desires were somehow awakened by the sight of the TV character Betty Draper. Well, both yes and not at all, but that was certainly a nice diversion wasn't it?

Actually, I've long been attracted to that sort of housewife in a cocktail dress look. So, I've been fascinated with the whole Donna Reed or June Cleaver look for quite some time.

In other words, a woman who is very typical in the every day world but leaves much to the imagination as to the sorts of things can happen once the bedroom door closes.

Oh, and don't forget June Lockhart who played the ever sensible mom on Lassie. She also played the same sort of role in the strange Sci-Fi TV show Lost in Space.

For some reason especially Lost in Space.

That's probably because of Angela Cartwright who also was in that show. Growing up I had a crush on Angela Cartwright and I can just sort of imagine being spanked by Angela Cartwright while being held in position by June Lockhart and probably the robot too.

Now is that strange or what?

Now that I think about it, Angela Cartwright as a young girl had a spanking scene in the TV show "The Danny Thomas Show". Can't help but wonder if with that experience she too might be a spanko.
But back on topic.

I imagine you get my drift and I've talked about it before. Submitting to the whims of a traditional Dominatrix who happens to be holding a bull whip and intends to place my pride and joy into the confines of some sort of painful constricting little package while sticking a baseball bat size butt plug in my ass just isn't my thing.

Well, there are curiosities, but they're not really the sorts of things I can think of at this stage in my life.

Not that I can say anything against those who do find a fascination with that sort of thing, but it's just not what drives me at this particular time.

No, in my strange fantasies I don't picture myself as a little boy being spanked by a mommy figure either. My fine lady is just that, not my fine mommy.

Well, there is sort of a mommy aspect to the dark thoughts from the back of my brain, but that's another tangent that I'll talk about in Part 3.


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