20 June, 2010

The Godfather of Men Who Are Spanked

Actually, for any that want to know I'm not a new blogger. I've been blogging for quite some time (about 4 years or so) but I am new to blogging about my desires relate to being spanked by my lady.

So, yes I've hung around the F/m side of blogging for a while and honestly I miss one of the pioneers of this side of the paddle... Spanked Hubby.

We're approaching a year since Spanked Hubby kept his blog active. Unfortunately, he deleted all of his old posts and there was lost much in great thoght and much in insight.

What do we know.

He was a normal guy perhaps Northwest US or Southwest Canadian and he tried to protect his privacy. Something that's not easy to do in this electronic everyone's connect age.

Well, we know that he was active in getting together with others. We know that those meetings didn't always go well and we know that some sort of battle came about because he was chalenged by a Femme spanker who may have decided to ignore his limits.

We know that he decided to do away with his long standing popular blog perhaps for fear that his privacy would be compromised.

Well, I hope he's still out there, actually I'm sure he must be because these thoughts that race through a mans's mind aren't easily forgotten.

Perhaps he's trying to take a low key profile, and not pushing or promoting his beliefs so much. I hope all is well for him.

Right now his blog is just a place holder with some adult/kinky kind of posts but what has been lost is his incredible insight to the aspects of being a spanked hubby.

Anyone else feel this way about the loss of Mike's Insight?

Mike, I for one DO miss your insight!


  1. HerKnee-
    I, too miss Spanked Hubby. I 'lurked' for quite some time and always considered his blog one of the best. Your post is a tribute to his legacy.

    In fact, it was blogs like his that inspired me to open one up, myself.

    Perhaps Mike will eventually come out into the open or at least contact one of us privately to let us know that he is OK.


  2. Hi there. There is a guy on a forum I belong to called She Makes the Rules who goes by the username spanked hubby. in April I took a trip to Vancouver, CA and posted on that site that if there was anyone who lived there I'd be interested in getting together for a drink. Spanked hubby responded that he did but his wife wouldn't let him meet people. Perhaps this is the same guy? I don't know. I never read his blog as I am very much a newbie to being spanked and reading this material. If you are curious you could always join that site and drop him a note, as private messages are allowed.
    Be well,

  3. I am quite confident that Spanked Hubby is alive and well. In fact I am also quite confident that he is authoring a new blog which uses a new name for him and his wife. It started a month or two after he quit the old blog. The style is the same and he has the same philosophies regarding spankings. It is just as enjoyable as his original blog. Out of respect to him and his desire for anonymity, I will not reveal his new blog. I will say though, that it is listed in the F/M blogs on the side panel of this blog.
    Many more happy spankings "Mike".

  4. Thanks all for posting, I was sure I wasn't the only one who missed DWC Mike's ramblings. I do imagine his philosophy and style in a blog or three and I hope the best for him in his new endeavors.

  5. The Spanked Hubby blog was a trail blazer in my opinion. Mike's efforts to describe his lifestyle were likely eye opening for many readers, especially men, who secretly wished to have a similar relationship with their significant others. I know it opened up my communication with my spouse about my needs in this area. I miss his blog, but appreciate what he did and respect his decision to abandon it.

  6. I love cb6000 too.