10 June, 2010

Her Paddle

I've been wondering how to start this blog. What better way than to devote a post to the title of the blog, Her Paddle. In fact now that I think about it, I believe I'll make a few posts that are reviews of the various instruments that torture my butt.

Of course, there is no ONE paddle, but as you might imagine there is one in particular that comes out for almost every spanking. It's wood, it's shaped like an old hairbrush, it's oak, it's heavy, it's thick and it stings like a son of a bitch.

Only 10 inches long she has no problem wielding it for a very painful OTK spanking. When bent over and getting a full arm swing it impacts with surprising thud for such a small paddle, it's certainly effective. If you've never been on the receiving end of a paddle like this, you'll never understand. Let's just say I know it's sounds. From the moment it is set down on the dresser to the to my yelps that are guranteed.

It's a sure bet that the spanking will be remembered when delivered with oak. Even if it were the only implement used (and that hasn't happened yet) it alone would leave me with some sore spots for at least a day or two.

Ours was a gift (you know who you are and I won't forgive you) and I'm pretty certain it came from Woodrage Paddles. Actually, I think it came from another vendor that resold it, but the one pictured at Woodrage looks just like it and it's listed as being much less expensive than the one at a retailer where I believe it was purchased.

I think what makes the big difference is the fact that it's made of 3/4 oak and has lands with a solid smack that stings with an authority that is sure to be remembered.

Probably a mistake, but I believe the next addition to the toy bag will be their full size 3/4 inch paddle. What is ever wrong with my thinking I don't know... I keep buying these things that I live to regret.

It's either that or a longer cane, I think we'll get the paddle.


  1. Let me be the first to welcome you to the wonderful world of blogs about being on the receiving end of our Ladie's paddles. Great first post and I love the subject.

    You paddle looks very similar to the DWC's purse paddle although its about an inch shorter. As you may know I have been making several paddles and straps for my Lady and my latest creation is a slightly shorter version of the purse paddle. I made a gift of a larger paddle which began life as a 24 inch piece of purpleheart wood (yes, it's really purple). I had an 8 inch piece leftover and just yesterday, I applied the last coat of finish.

    Have you ever considered making Her Paddle, yourself?

  2. Great first post! I look forward to reading and learning about/from your adventures!

  3. Thanks, I appreciate your comments.

    Yes, I've thought about making paddles and I have a few ideas. There just isn't the time or the place right now.

  4. interesting post. Will look forward to reading more, plus discovering what friends gave you the paddle... Welcome to the blogging world