22 June, 2010

Never Quick and Simple

I suppose that for those of us who experience punishment spankings or at least crave them we realize that if the pants come down it's not going to be quick and simple.

This is another few photos found at F/M Spanking World of Lina's House of Discipline. You can imagine your own script but here we see a simple warm-up with her hand. That part never seems to last long enough does it?

Before long, the warm-up turns into burn-up as the effectiveness of a well used strap becomes obvious.

This implement would appear to a particularily nasty little slapper although it probably is a relief after that strap.

Naturally, what punishment wouldn't be complete without a bit of cane pain.

At the completion of the task the lovely lady is justifiably proud of her accomplishment. However as I look at this I realize that my lady would never let me get away like this without crimsome upper thighs and a well tendered crease spot.

Guess I'm the lucky one!

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  1. Super Geil,
    wenn der Rohrstock auf den blanken klatscht.-