25 June, 2010

The Endless Question (part 3)

First off as I compose this rambling about spanking materials, let me get one thing clear. Anyone who thinks "leather is yummy" hasn't experienced some of the items in our toy drawer, or at least hasn't experienced them in the capable hands of my lady. There is something about leather implements be they 'my belt', the London Tanners Domestic Discipline strap or even some of the inexpensive eBay 'guitar' or 'banjo' paddles. The more they get used, the more flexible they are. The more flexible they are, the more they wrap around butt cheeks and thighs. The more they wrap around butt cheeks and thighs the more they feel like they are taking a top layer of skin with them.

But it isn't just the material leather that can be wicked, it's some of the terrible things that are done with leather. Who the hell is the heartless bastard that ever thought up the tawse anyway, and why did he or she think a strap/strop needed more than one tail?

Perhaps the most beautiful spanking instruments are made of wood. Now there are people out there that view wood as being a hard limit, I'm not one of them. My personal preference is for a nice piece of oak or walnut lightly stained just enough to enhance the grain. There are vast differences in the effectiveness of wood and the variations are virtually endless. There are many beautiful exotic varieties of wood that allow the item to actually be a piece of artwork, but the true artistic event is in their application.

Very light thin soft wood paddles can succumb to breakage, but don't get your hopes up... They are stingy, and the damn things just never seem to break at the beginning of a spanking. On the other hand, there are thick and heavy hardwood paddles that can only be burned, else they certainly burn your ass.

Our most recent acquisition is what many people might call a 'holy terror' style paddle from Woodrage Paddles. 3/4" of oak that looks a bit scary. Yet to be tried, we'll eventually see just where it fits in the grand scheme of things but I suspect it might be a memorable and effective item.

Oh, and there are far too many wooden spoons in the world and they should never be soaked in a pitcher of ice water before a spanking.

Modern technology has brought our behinds out of the dark ages with Lexan. My first experience with this space age material was with some paddles from Hanson Paddlewerks. Unfortunately, they just won't break and it's not for lack of trying. Some idiot (me) decided to drill holes in one of them... What was I thinking?

Modern chemistry hasn't only offered Lexan, soft plastics have entered the picture too. I mentioned in a previous post that Cane-iac now has a very reasonably priced flexible vinyl/polypropylene prison strap-ish looking device that just sooner or later will likely end up as another tool in our collection. Having been both a user and recipient of a similar device a few years ago, I can attest to the nastiness of such a device.

Oh, BTW... If you don't have one of those rubber or silicone Loopy Johnny style devices, I'll save you the trouble, don't get one. I made ours from from a short piece of an old broom handle and a bungee cord, it was a foolish thing to do. They are just too quiet in operation. There will be a lot of noise but it won't be coming from the device of terror, it will be your screams and cries for mercy.


  1. Both of us are rolling on the floor laughing at the three recent posts of yours!

    BTW, Cora would like to know where the super large paddle is from. I fear she wants to ask for the plans!
    Ken (and Cora, too)

  2. You can find it with Google, it's the World's largest rice paddle, I suppose someone had to build it. I believe it's in Miyajima, Japan. Perhaps it's close to Hiroshima or Nagasaki... I dunno, radiation damage?