16 June, 2010

Lucky Fellow

One of F/M Spanking World most recent posts is a listing to a free Spanking Gallery of Sweedish Discipline from Lina.   Well, I may a be a bit odd, but for me pictures like these are very exciting.

These have a much more domestic look to them and not so much of a Fem Domme look. Not that there's anything wrong with the Fem Domme look if that's your thing but there is something more realistic for me when the Fem Spanker isn't scantily clad in leather and rhinestones.

Here in the second photo shows a woman who is concentrating on his vulnerable cheeks and she's clearly on the way to giving him something that he'll be able to remember and cherish for a while.

Sure she's a hot Sweedish Blonde and that's a good thing, but there's certainly much more. She has the look of the sort of woman who has no problem following her man's lead on his arm on the street, but also very capable of setting the rules and enforcing them at home as we see here. To me, that's very sexy.

This third photo is a bit scary if you've ever been in this position, and I have. With her weight on his back it's very difficult if not impossible to get away. All he can do is stare at her heels (yeah, that's good too) and accept the pain from the well placed and effective bathbrush.

Obviously she is deservedly proud of her handiwork and willing to show it off.


  1. "Well, I may a be a bit odd, but for me pictures like these are very exciting...."

    OK, count me as odd, too. And I am also with you regarding the Domestic Discipline side of things. I remember the days when there was almost nothing available depicting a dominant woman and the excitement to find anything. In those days the available content tended to involve leather clad Dungeon Queens. I was delighted to find anything at all and found it to be very exciting.

    However, now we are blessed with a wider availability of information thanks to the internet, and I found that my real niche to be the kind of 'scene' depicted here. Its great to find a growing participation in our particular 'corner' and exchange thoughts and ideas with each other.

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  3. Yes, I think our niche is growing and yes I appreciate any link. Thanks SBW and thank you Jayne.

  4. Hi HerKnee,

    Thank you so much it is now done; could I ask that you also link my site here in your blog roll please?

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  5. Das dritte Bild gefällt mir Sehr.
    Denn da ist ein Entkommen unmöglich.
    Aber diese Hieben ziehen richtig Geil durch.-