23 June, 2010

Staying Put

Here we have what appears to be some sort of spanking bench or box to hold the hapless victim in place. I see chains, but it doesn't actually look like they are being used.

One of the hardest things for my lady to do is to keep me in place. I've gotten much better at it and over the past few spankings she's told me that's she's proud of me for staying put. But I do know that although they were very hard spankings they were not as hard

as they could have been if the
circumstances (what I deserved) were different.

One time about two years ago my lady decided to try tying me in place. We have one of those old heavy steel chairs that are often seen in WWII era war movies usually in the Captains cabin. Perhaps you've noticed them, sort of a blue-ish silver with a thick green vinyl padded seat and backrest.

Well I was bent over the back of the chair and my hands and feet were tied to the legs with some of my old neck-ties. After an especially hard smack with what was probably the long heavy bathbrush my muscle reaction took over and I managed to flip the thing over. There I was flat on my back with the legs of the chair pointed up with my four limbs tied to them like four swords to defend myself.

We were both laughing so hard at that point it automatically put an end to that particular spanking.

It's not that I cherish the thought of being tied over a spanking bench of some sort totally helpless at the complete mercy of my lady and her implement... Well, maybe I do.

Considering the size difference, it's not easy for my lady to hold me in place. Although nothing is better than OTK or at least over the lap because of the personal contact, it's not always the perfect scenario for every part of a punishment spanking.

There is a certain mind game that comes into play during a punishment spanking. While bent over a chair or laying on a stack of pillows the lack of touch for me adds more to the punishment. Somehow it's becomes less personal and adds to the pain of the strapping, canning or paddling. Then toward the end of the punishment while OTK or over the lap, her touch, her closeness even her forcefully holding my hand in place behind my back makes the pain more tolerable.

But, none the less, at some point either I will be buying or building some sort saddle horse, spanking bench or stand of some sort that will present my upturned bottom well bent, skin stretched and waiting for whatever she should decide to punish with.

It will probably need ballast and outriggers.


  1. I would agree that being bound or secured during a spanking would heighten the experience. That said, I also find it comforting to have my partner touching me during a spanking, and she prefers this as well. We have not yet explored bondage, as this is something that is beyond her comfort level. She says we shall someday, but I know not to request or push. She will do so when she feels ready. But I think it would be a very special thing when that happens.

  2. OTK is a time honored position and provides for the personal contact we all love dearly. However its only effective for hand spanking and perhaps a small paddle or hairbrush. When my lady wants to 'apply the wood', she has me bend over a table. Thats fine but not very personal.

    I have purchased a set of plans for one of the spanking benches from NuWest/Leda. Its the one that has a slight forward lean and you see pix of it everywhere. I think it would be 'hot' for my lady to strap me over it instead of just bending over the table. Its currently under construction and I plan to post something when its finished.