17 June, 2010

Clare's a Natural

Clare Fonda does certainly does spank men, and apparently she does it very well.

There is a certain look of determination here, determination that will not be diverted nor swayed. She does intend to make a point.

As she begins to try to get her point across, well it actually looks like this fellow is enjoying it too much. Frankly, who wouldn't.

Here in this photo we see that Clare won't have any of it. She's apparently pissed and she wants to know that the spanking is going to be taken seriously.

Not one to fool around, play games of be taken lightly Clare skillfully adapts and puts the poor (or lucky) subject in a position and under an implement that will insure that he knows she was serious.

1 comment:

  1. Clare Fonda is an idol. Whatever she says i've done wrong, i've done wrong -- and deserve to be punished by her hot hand