11 November, 2010

Spankos are Special

When you say something like "Spankos are Special" in some respects you're making a pretty broad statement.

Contrary to what those in the vanilla world may think there really are all sorts of spankos. In fact when you consider that poll I mentioned several dozen post ago about how as much as 41% of the adult population of the United States may engage in one form of spanking or another... well, that's a lot of people.

Oh sure, all sorts.

You have your light pre-intercourse or during intercourse spankos

You've got the "Hey, you've got a cute butt get those clothes off so I can see it" spankos

Then there are the "Spank me when I cum" spankos

Not to mention the "don't leave any marks" spankos

Then there are the "try and spank me like mom did" spankos

Of course then you turn it up a notch and you get to the more... "devoted" (yeah, I like that word) who think it's not a spanking if you can't feel it for several days crowd. I proudly consider myself a member of this latter group.

It goes without saying that the "devoted" spankos also encompasses many separate franchises or denominations and I would easily get carpal tunnel syndrome before I could adequately list even half of the variations.

Now just because I consider myself a member of the devoted crowd… Well like I’m sure many readers here, I happily partake in some of the lighter activities of the less devoted when the opportunity presents itself.

I happen to believe there is very large contingent of the “devoted spanko” crowd who participate in some form of Domestic Discipline. Just so the readers here can stay on top of things, well I’m part of that group too.

The thing of it is, being someone who wants to live a Domestic Discipline lifestyle; well I’ve been in conventional relationships too. Things are different now.

There were times when previously I might know that a certain thing would piss off X-wife and frankly I didn’t give a shit.

by Jay Em

Now, I know there are things that will piss off My Fine Lady and it drives me crazy. I don’t want her to be pissed at me, I don’t want her to be angry at all with me, and I want her to be proud of me.

Too many times I let my children run my life. More specificly, I let them dominate my thoughts. Now, the most painful thing for me is disappointing MyFine Lady, those times when she may think I’m not being the man that I should be.

It’s one of those times now and I really wish she would spank me and get it over with to not only relieve her anger and tension but also so that she can forgive me... I know this has been hell on her and I don’t know why she hasn’t…

Probably because she’s tired of dealing with the same shit over and over again and I certainly can’t say I blame her.

But that's the difference. It not only the fact that I don't want her to be pissed at me, but the fact that it's actually magnified. Those times when I know I've pissed her off, well... they hurt. Why?

Well, I've let her down, I haven't been the man that she knows I can be...
Not just the man that she knows I can be, but more directly I haven't been the man that she deserves.

Right now, I crave a long painful spanking from My Fine Lady.

Oh my, I crave the relief of a very long painful spanking.

At least I crave the genuine forgiveness that I can only have after her wrath plays out upon my vulnerable ass.


  1. I like the way you described the different types of spankos.... it was what I just couldn't articulate on my blog the other day! I'm still trying to figure out just what type I am, though... but considering that we're all so different, I guess it doesn't really matter to much for me to label myself, right?

  2. For some reason there are people who get hung up on labels.

    No, there are no real reasons for labels. In fact IMHO it's not really uncommon for tastes and desires to change.

  3. We are special, indeed. Thanks for pointing that out, dude! Here's hoping you get what you deserve and that it helps you become a batter man in the process. Be well,