01 November, 2010

Love Story

In the previous post I mentioned a post on Fetlife by a woman who spanks her husband and has been doing so for quite some time. Now to me the life she describes is a true love story. No, not the running in slow motion through tall grass and jumping in each others embrace. But the sort of love story that many of us spankos can understand.

Imagine if you can, a young (or old) couple and one of them, for argument sake... lets say the man is living with a secret.

The secret (as if you didn’t know) is that he wants to be disciplined by his loving wife. However, of course for the sake of our little love story here, he doesn’t know how to tell her.

Now having been in a very vanilla marriage for 20 years, I have absolutely no difficulty understanding his frustrations.

Certainly, it can be very difficult to express any sort of kinky desire to a partner who hasn’t given any clue showing willingness to partake in the kinky. In my particular case my now x-wife who at first expressed interest in things that might liven up our play, later expressed nothing less than disgust at any aspects of kink. Naturally, although fruitful it was a very depressing existence.

In the case of our heroes mentioned in the previous post, he managed to bring up some information on the internet, in their case apparently it was the DWC website at which point he nervously walked away and left her to digest the information. I imagine he was at the very least frightened to death, not knowing how she would react to finding out that he wanted her to paddle his ass raw.

Those moments waiting to discover acceptance, rejection or disgust must have been almost heart stopping. Ultimately, her acceptance and agreement to follow through and accept the responsibility for the discipline of the man that she loves had to have been a wonderful transition for both of them.

In my particular case my fine lady and I already knew each other to be interested in kink in general and spanking in particular when we met. So, we didn’t have that particular hurdle to cross, although of course there have been others. The good news is every time we encounter a hurdle when we overcome it I simply love her that much more.

Thought food:

If you had to cross that hurdle of a partner who doesn’t know today how would you do it. If you’ve already passed that hurdle, would you do it differently today?

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