31 October, 2010

Good Question

It's been a while (don't remember when) since I created the F/M Spanking  group on Fetlife and I really don't pay too much atention to the posts there. Many of the posts are just someone saying something like "Any Female Spankers in Cleveland?" or similar. Well I don't know about female spankers in Cleveland but there sure are a hell of a lot of spankos in Cleveland but that discussion is for another day.

In any event there was a good question posted there yesterday by a woman who spanks her husband and has been doing so for about 13 years. In another post she suggests that he had, and I quote: "...when the hubby approached me and asked me for a disciplinary lifestyle where I handed out the discipline and he received it! He got a lot more than he bargained for...".

Well, sounds likek a lucky fellow, perhaps a reader here.

Here's her question:
Perhaps this has been discussed earlier, I haven’t really read all the posts in the group but I will ask anyway in case it hasn’t.

Being very vanilla when I started this with the hubby, I was always amazed at how he would stay down for the entire spanking. I mean, he is bigger and stronger than I am, and since it is totally consensual, he could get up and walk away at any time…yet he never has. Oh, he begs me to stop, and says he can’t take any more, but I reassure him he can and to take a deep breath and suck it up till it’s over. The first few lickings I gave him I felt bad, almost guilty for hurting him like that…but we became closer than ever after we started this, and I know now that he can take a whole lot.

Are the rest of you guys like that? Is this a “macho” thing or a mind set into total submission to the punishment… a tangible way to atone for a mistake you may have made? Or could it be a masochistic thing? I understand the sexual side of it, but yet at least in our case spankings do get results, in the way of better behavior. I have cured many ills with a wooden paddle or cane over the years.

Anyway…. just curious, thought I’d get your take on it here in the forum – not too many ladies to confide in who live this kind of life.


I don't often respond to posts on the group but this one I did and here's an echo of my response. I think it may fit for many of us.

For me it’s incredibly difficult to stay in place, and there have been times when I have not managed to stay in place. Usually, it’s when I have no idea how much of a spanking is still to come.

Odd as it may be, it may earn me another dozen with a really wicked paddle, cane or even just extra hard full swings with the hairbrush or bath brush. However, when I know what’s left it’s almost easier to take the pain. But actually when that happens I’m more conscious of what’s happening and not getting lost in the spanking.

I want to cry from one of her spankings, but I never have yet. I can’t imagine anything I want more, I want to be a blubbering ball of putty being comforted in her aftercare, but it just hasn’t happened.

Could it be a big boys don’t cry machismo thing? I don’t know but whatever it is I want that wall to fall someday and the sooner the better. .

It may very well take an incredible amount of scolding or even encouragement combined with an incredibly long painful spanking perhaps even multiple spankings to get the wall to fall. I really don’t know, I just want the wall to fall and I think whatever it is, once the wall falls from that point on it will be much easier for her to get me to that place again.

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  1. If I could cry I'm sure it would unlock a whole can of emotions and in many ways, I wish I could open up that much. There's sometihng in me that can't let go that far, even when I'm suffering. Even if I've come pretty close to tears it's generally always after punishment not during. And those tears are more the joy of being ever closer to my Mistress that I feel after punishment. Like His Boss, my Mistress also knows that I can take more than my protestations might suggest.