29 October, 2010

Been a While

It's been a while since I've done any bloging. Actually, there just hasn't been that much unique to blog about. There have a couple of spankings and in fact one of them may very well have been the longest and most intense spanking that I've ever received.

More about that in a minute.

I haven't talked about it here on this blog before, but we both have to deal with a considerable amount of stress just like many couples have to deal with these days. I see the same thing in many others spanking blogers that there are probably many couples just like us out there who are in similar circumstances. Often the stress is related to procreation.

No, it's not that I find procreation and it's accompanying required activity of vaginal penetration to be sometimes stressful. Well, then again perhaps it can be sometimes stressful considering some of the strange contortions that are considered to be "positions".

But actually, it's those other annoying aspects of vaginal penetration that can cause so much stress. More specifically, the tangible result of the vaginal penetration that I participated in a couple of decades ago, AKA: Children.

Sometimes it just seems that there isn’t a day or even a partial day that can go by without some sort of post vaginal penetration related issue and often the issue is related to someone's car.

One’s car might be broken, another’s car is sitting without gas and no money to buy gas to get to work. Another may have a perfectly functional car and no driver’s license because someone forgot to pay a ticket. Funny how those local magistrates just have no sense of humor when someone forgets to pay a ticket.

Then again the most frequent stress generator these days is nothing more than money or more precisely, the lack of money. We have been plagued by a lack of employment. Just like those local magistrates it appears that utilities and landlord appear to also lack generous senses of humor.

Back to spanking.

Considering the above narrative, it’s not hard to imagine that many of our spanking sessions have been related to stress relief. Although I love the sensations that I experience after a stress relief spanking, that doesn’t mean I enjoy the actual spanking itself, not when I’m on the receiving end at least.

Several weeks ago I knew a spanking was coming my way, it was obvious, there are signals and signs.

When my fine lady is contemplating spanking my poor ass there are little signals that start to come my way. You know, those little signals… like when she’s walking past me and takes the opportunity to make a quick slap on my still Levis protected bottom. Those quick little love-taps become more frequent and then ultimately sometime when we happen to have privacy and I hear her in the bedroom rummaging around in the implement drawer I usually begin to get a particularly strong inkling that I just might be getting a spanking in the not too distant future.

Then again probably the most clear sign that a spanking is coming my way is when she walks into whatever room I’m in and motions with her finger and says something like… “Come here NOW!”.

However the most telling sign that I'm going to be getting a spanking is when she's looking straight into my eyes and says something like "drop 'em". Of course at that moment there's no doubt left and all the wonder is gone... I'm going to be spanked.

So, there I was with my fine lady on the edge of the bed pointing to the direction in which she wanted me positioned, all the while with a raging hard on that would have embarrassed any of those famous marble statues that pass for fine art.

Now you would think that there would be damn few things that come as easily and naturally as placing a rock hard ding-ding between the thighs of my fine lady, but doing so while climbing over her lap always seems to be one of those things that create considerable discomfort long before a hand is raised and violently lowered.

The beginning of a spanking is often almost relaxing for me. Well, relaxing might not be right word but if you’ve been there and most readers likely have, you know what I mean. You may have been anticipating the spanking for hours, or days or even weeks and now that it's going to happen... all of the spanking related erotic thoughts are now going to be fulfilled.

Of course there are split seconds where you wish you spent a little more time positioning your ding-ding and there is also the realization that “oh yeah, I forgot that spankings hurt” but then again there is that little lie that you tell yourself and almost believe “this won’t be that bad”. Well, it’s that last one that really got the best of me this time.

She gave me a warm up with her hand. Warm ups are always too short and these days not as enjoyable as they used to be because by the time she finishes I’m going to be pretty red and already sore, once again convinced that I really don’t like spankings.

Almost all of my spankings have been somewhat predictable in the sense that it’s going to be just so long, and just so painful, but this was somehow different.

My fine lady was doing her typical fine job of adding sting and raw sore to my bottom and I expected by the rotation of implements that there was probably going to be maybe no more than another five of ten more minutes of continued spanking in my future, as you might expect by this point I was wrong.

Suddenly I was ordered up off of her lap, I was actually a bit disappointed since although my bottom was already hot and sore it was certain that it wasn’t going to be one of those spankings that I would still feel tomorrow and certainly not the second day. Somewhat disapointed that after all the build-up in my mind it was over too soon. Funny how we spankos are that way, many of us hate the spanking but love being able to feel it two or more days later. The reality however was that she actually was determined that would not be an issue.

Now from past experience at this point in a spanking I might normally expect being ordered over some pillows for a set with the cane or strap and then we would progress to the wonderful aftercare, that was not to be.

My fine lady got up off of the edge of the bed and then sat at the head of the bed and directed me back in place over her lap. Another aspect of this point in a spanking is that my little fellow has usually lost interest and relaxed himself away for more enjoyable future moments, but this was different.

In the past when she has taken this particular position it’s been for that all too rare erotic spanking, Mr. Happy began to anticipate this hopeful finale and was again standing at full attention. The erotic spanking was not to be, she simply had too much still to do and decided that for my complete discomfort she needed a more comfortable position so she could spank much longer and of course much harder.

Often while being spanked I really don’t have too much of a clue as to what I’m being spanked with unless she has decided to tell me. Usually all I know is that something is either not tollerable or it’s barely tollerable since it’s how she uses it that matters the most. The order of the implements doesn’t really matter but it’s always sure thing that she’ll manage to choose and use the ones that tend to get the most intense reaction from me and this occasion was no different in that respect. I know she had the Jokari, the wicked oak hairbrush paddle, the bath brush, the lexan with holes, the rubber paddle and that awful acrylic paddle from Cane-iac and she was using each and every one of them with a ferocity that I had never experienced before.

With my face buried in the pillow I was doing my best to tolerate what was playing out upon my ass, but it wasn’t working. Every time she changed implements she rubbed in a comforting fashion that told me the spanking was finally over, but it was not.

I’m usually not very vocal while being spanked but she managed to get more noise out of me than she has ever gotten before. The spanking just wasn’t ending and where usually I would anticipate another 15 or 20 smacks and a break, well she wasn’t taking breaks. I began to realize that if she didn’t finally make me cry, the day will come when she does… and that thought alone made me realize just how much I’m in love with this woman.

I didn’t cry although I was closer than I’ve ever been before, I was trembling and almost hyperventilating, it was a tremendous experience and I thanked her and wanted her.

Thank you God for this wonderful woman.

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  1. I enjoyed your post immensely, but when I saw the Jokari, I winced, lol.
    We have the unfortunate pleasure of owning one of those. That along with the old Cracker Barrel Paddle are probably the worst spanking implements ever made. As I'm sure your bottom, and mine well know.
    Your Lady seems as good with hers as my wife is with mine. We also both seem married to no nonsense women, LUCKY US!!! and I mean that sincerely.