23 February, 2011

More About Movie-Time

In one of the Spanking groups on fetlife that question that pops up every once in a while appeared again last night…

”What makes a really good spanking video”

One of the respondents was servingb, a regular blogger and commenter here. He responded that they had made a video and posted it to SpankingTube. Although I scan his blog on a regular basis, I must have missed his mention of it. He noted that on Spankingtube he was surprised that he had received negative comments. I suppose it’s not really surprising since people too often tend to be rude on the internet. It’s an unfortunate fact that people behave badly on the internet. The net is anonymous (mostly) and people routinely misbehave on the net. Well, lets at least hope whoever was rude to servingb got a good spanking for it. Or worse, no spanking for their bad behaviour!

The following is my response to that thread:

> What surprised me were the negative comments from folks on spanking tube. - @Servingb

It's a fact that the internet lets people be assholes. People constantly act in fashions that they would be too ashamed to act in person.

When it comes to spanking videos, I think a lot of it has to do with someone being able to picture themselves in the video. Also, I believe a level of nostalgia comes in to play

I notice a lot of the crowd that enjoys F/m Spanking has an intrest in some older 'classic' F/m spanking videos that just don't do it for me. I think in that particular case people enjoyed them years ago since that may have been all that was around except older 8mm stuff. Not having had my intrest developed at that time, perhaps I just don't have a basis for those 'classic' videos to appeal to me.

We've thought about doing some videos, but we lack the equipment. Also, one of the things that is an issue is we lack what could best be described as an area that could be devoted to spanking. Let's call it studio space and/or furniture that could staged for a spanking.

When I do watch videos although I' a Switch I usually only enjoy watching F/m Spanking. For me what appeals to me is real spankings... Not faked, no starlets, not contrived reasons for spankings and spankings that look like "Yeah, that's going to hurt in the morning...".

Also, it would appear that being a spanko does not make someone an actor... So, too much dialogue is almost certainly a turnoff for me. Perhaps my masochist side comes out too, I enjoy videos of spankings that would scare the shit out of me to think that they could happen to me.
The more severe or the scarier the implement assortment the better.

For me also what I can find appealing are traditional things that enhance a spanking. Whereas items like a prison strap, barber strop, frat paddle, large Spencer paddles and heavy loopys may offer fear factors, a hairbrush offers nostalgia. Not to mention my affinity for a woman spanker in a cocktail dress and modest heels. To me, those things offer a certainty that the spanking is going to happen, nothing will stop it and by the time it’s over there is going to be one VERY sore ass.

Naturally, I imagine it’s going to be mine.


  1. HP, I saw SB’s clip on Spanking Tube before I’d read his blog. And I’d noted some low-life negative comment as I posted my own positive remarks. SB told me in an e-mail he took down the clip after the negativity. It’s all so disappointing but you are right, the internet has given people cart blanche to be as rude and nasty as they like.

    I suppose we’re lucky because most of the folk posting on flr blogs seem to be very well mannered human beings.

    Interesting to read your thoughts on what you like to see in these videos. I’ve just posted something on the same subject myself. I’m a student of the cane so to speak but used to look at things like prison straps and heavy paddles and be scared at the sight of them. That was until Mistress and I recently bought a bath brush and now I understand just how ferocious a beating can be with a simple implement like that.

    We’ve talked about taking pictures and filming but Mistress is not totally happy with the idea and it would be wrong of me to push her on the subject.

  2. OHK,

    Two different topics going here...on the internet rudeness topic, I agree that some forget their manners in their anonymity. I may be guilty of that at times myself. But there is no excuse to be rude to others while still expressing one's opinion.

    On what makes a good spanko movie, I would say that nostalgia has much to do with it, along with the actors' ability to be themselves. I much prefer viewing a spanking that does not seem contrived or forced (in terms of the acting not the action). My own preferences are for domestic settings and costuming (where appropriate) and household implements with full range of creative possibilities. The dialogue is not as important as the reality (which to me does not mean it has to be brutal to be real). We all know the favorite one-liners that make us tingle and/or wet. I get excited watching a woman who knows how to wrap her spankee around her finger with her words and her teasing and some mild verbal humiliation. I prefer the scenarios that are more dramatic with a slow buildup to the conclusion, ones that set the scene and allow the anticipation element build toward the added heat of the action. Those sublties seem to be rare in most spanking movies I've seen.

    To be specific, and I know not everyone's taste is the same, I'd watch any F/M spanking video that takes place in a bathroom - great acoustics, adequate lighting, along with numerous naturally occurring implements (think bathbrush!) and opportunities for domestic situations.

  3. Her Paddle:

    Thank you for bringing up this topic (I also appreciated the nice comment Respecting Mistress made). I think I fuddled my way through the post I made on fetlife.

    I am not really surprised that there is negativity on the internet, but I was surprised to read something negative written about something that meant a lot to my partner and I. I know that sounds confusing, but surprise is the best word to describe my reaction. Once I thought about it for a second, it wasn't unexpected. But like, at the moment someone jumps out and scares you and you're surprised, but then a moment later you realize ah that's not a monster - that's just my pal Joe. Or if you think you're doing a favor for someone by washing their car, and their reaction is like "Get your hands off my damned car" - you'd be surprised because it wasn't what you expected.

    When I realized that complete strangers (compared to those who post comments on my blog) were going to be "rating" something beautiful between my partner and I, and also after I figured out how to post the video on my own blog, I removed it. I don't feel particularly "thin skinned" (not with as many paddlings as I have had. lol), but some of the comments came across as "low class" and I didn't want our video to be associated with that. At least with my blog, if someone is rude or critical, I can remove their comments. :)

    I respect that people have different tastes. I happen to enjoy different scenes on different days, but I generally like things to be believable and authentic. Simple (non-scripted, thorough thrashings!) scenes are appealing to me, as is material that contains more elaborate dialogue, so long as it's believable. It takes real skill to do believable roleplay. When it's done right, it's hard to tell that it's role play.

    Thanks again