19 February, 2011

110,000 Visits - WoW

I began this blog this past June and now it looks like in the next day the number of visitors will top 110,000. That's going by the free sitemeter that's been on the blog since day one.

I never did notice when it toggled over 100k, frankly I'm surprised that so many people do visit the blog and actually it's clear that many must come back again and again.

Clearly, the thought of a man being spanked by his loving wife is a popular one. I know why, and apparently many of you do too.

Today we feature some of my favorite.
I thank all of you who visit this blog, I especially appreciate those of you take the time to leave comments. For we bloggers, sometimes it's the comments that keep us interested in continuing to write about our thoughts and experiences.


  1. Congratulations on breaking the 100,000 barrier! I have always enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading what you h ave to share!

  2. Congratulations! Here's to 110,000 more spanks, er... I mean hits. :)