20 November, 2010

Memories and Marks

The Brunch topic at MBS today is a discussion about marks and bruises. I posted my response there and I'll elaborate here a bit.

My comment:

As a spanker, I'm not fond if seeing bruises and marks but I do know that My Fine Lady loves the sensation that can still be felt later. So, it's not my goal to make marks and bruises but more being able to make the sensation last.

As a spankee, I do enjoy being bruised and marked, especially when I can still feel the reminders of the spanking days later. It reminds me of the love My Fine Lady has for me;

It's not her thing, she would much rather just receive spankings, but she spanks me because she knows it's what I want and need. For someone who says she doesn't like giving spankings she certainly has gotten to be VERY good at it though.

Yes, she is VERY good at it. Of course whenever I comment on her abillity she quickly turns it around and says she learned from the best. If that's actually true, I certainly taught her too much.

It's really a funny thing about marks and bruises. It's not that I want pain, well sometimes I think I do, but as I've mentioned before that goes away quickly when My Fine Lady is using an implement.

It's just that when I have a sore ass I never have any trouble remembering that someone loves me, so much so that she's willing to spank my ass raw when it's the right thing to do.

1 comment:

  1. "when I have a sore ass I never have any trouble remembering that someone loves me" - That statement is right on the mark for me!

    Love the animated bum rubbing too.