03 November, 2010

An Inconvenient Truth - Global Ass Warming

There seems to be something of a common thread that ties those who practice a form of Domestic Discipline together, and it doesn’t seem to matter if that DD relationship is M/F, F/M, F/F or MM.

There will inevitably be times when we are given perhaps a very painful spanking that was not deserved.

Part of the mindset that we accept when we freely give authority to another to hold us accountable for our actions is the acceptance that not only will there be times when we may be spanked unfairly, it may actually happen with a degree of regularity. Sure, after the fact discussion to prevent errors in the future is fine and dandy but the decision that a spanking will happen IMHO should be respected and accepted.

I seem to recall that Scully touched on this subject in the past, in fact I may also have too now that I think about it.

Frankly, if My Fine Lady in a moment of anger or frustration decides that I’m going to be getting a long painful spanking, then later realizes that she made that decision in error there is only one thing that I expect will happen. I WILL get a long painful spanking.

Being a spanker is a tremendous responsibility and there will be errors made, I for one choose to give her the latitude to not be concerned about making errors like that. I would rather have a swollen sore throbing ass than have her put off or ignore spanking me when she believes it's deserved and she knows that.

Now for those of you dear readers who don't like the whole concept of accepting a spanking that is not deserved... Well, you're probably thinking ah gosh darn heck fella... You're a spanko, of course you want to be spanked when you don't deserve it just like you want to be spanked when you DO deserve it.

Well, there might be a level of truth there, but the actual fact is submitting to a punishment spanking for someone like me is an act of love and certainly not one I enjoy especially while it happens. My Fine Lady has gotten to very good at providing VERY painful spankings that do deserve to be feared.

Punishment spankings hurt, a LOT and offer absolutely no pleasure except the forgiveness they bring after being adminsitered.

That's the inconvenient truth.

Not to mention that My Fine Lady being willing to hold me accountable and spank my ass raw with an effective punishment is an incredible act of love and caring. One that she doesn't actually enjoy, but she does it because she loves me. It's not a role she chose except to provide for a void in my life. She knows it's what I want her to do, she knows it's what I need her to do whenever she decides it must be done.

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  1. I couldn't agree more with this sentiment. It's up to Mistress when and how she sees fit to punish me. It's an agreement we have between oursleves that I will accept her decisions without question. Mostly I deserve ehat's coming because I do fall short in some area. Sometimes, however, I think Mistress is a bit too inventive of my faults but if she feels like punishing me for the sake of it, then I have to go with it.