18 November, 2010

Paddles and Popcorn

The astute reader will notice a new twist on today’s blog post. Yesterday the title of my blog post was Popcorn and Paddles, today just the opposite. Perhaps you're asking yourself why it's been turned around and frankly I don't know.

I toyed with the idea of making today's title Popcorn and Paddles v2.0 but quickly decided it didn't provide enough variety to the reader. I'm really not sure which is better; the one thing I do know is it really doesn't matter...

But I digress...

However, back to the real point of today's post, another review of a spanking movie found at the bottom of the page.

Yesterday I mentioned that the subject of my next review would be the video of the wimpy weenie guy.

Now you might be wondering why I call the guy wimpy and weenie. For all we know he may anything but wimpy and a weenie.

He may very well be a captain of industry or for that matter a high ranking military officer who spends his at work time locked in a mountainside bunker with his finger poised over "the button".
He also could be an airline Captain who routinely defies death while hurtling through space in a pressurized aluminum tube with hundred of sheeple in the back, relaxing after having been freshly irradiated or groped by the TSA.

He could be anyone, except in this video our hero is a quivering ball of jelly as his spouse is extracting some truth from him. There's something special about that, in any event she has made him appear to be wimpy and weenie.

Now here comes the plot, I’ve already mentioned several times I’m not particularly fond of distractions like plots, but this is different.

When there’s a plot naturally there’s acting and it’s a sure thing spankos can’t act worth a damn.

So what’s different here you may be asking yourself…

(Pausing while you ask yourself)

Well what’s different here is that IMHO, it’s real.

We enter the story midstream and it’s obvious that this particular lady is an accomplished spanker. You’ll note that as his butt swings to the right to avoid the hellish stings that are landing on his left cheek, she adeptly moves to and concentrates on the right cheek thereby effectively making his movements actually into the stingy paddle.

This woman has talent.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid My Fine Lady may have either watched this clip, or perhaps even directed it as this too is the sort of thing she’s been known to employ.

Right from the start we can see that this particular woman knows how to control her sore lucky man. The vocal tones are firm and one would not have to understand the English language to know she’s pissed and she’s NOT going to ease up or back off.

I would guess that he may have been looking at interwebs porn or something similar, which apparently she has forbidden. He really doesn’t stand a chance, why would he lie? She’s wearing her badges of rank that unto themselves put the poor lucky fellow in his place.

All you spanko guys out there I’m sure you have already identified the very visible badges of rank that reinforce her authority (Skirt and paddle).

His ass was apparently already well spanked before the part of the video that we see. He’s whimpering and cowering and at points sounds like a naughty little boy who was found with his hand in the cookie jar and is somehow is hoping it will be forgotten.

She’ll have none of it and we can see that when finally does get our subject to confess she lets loose with a fury upon his right cheek so his instinct to move away is foiled.

Like I said, she’s talented.

It’s also damn sure that there going to be a lot more hell to pay since he got out of position and protected his ass with the floor. I’m damn sure there was hell to pay for that too.

Imagine that… a plot.

However, it's very open ended and I believe it leaves a lot of room for imagination. Of the four videos found at the bottom of the page I may actually like this one the best.

On the Likely Real Meter that runs from 1 to 5 I would give this video about a 4.8. How would you rank it?


  1. Translation of the aboe comment: "Was much too short"
    Wellyes, it was very short but part of the appeal is being able to imagine oneself in a similar situation and all the possible 'before' and 'afters'.