25 July, 2010

Come and Gone

Well, my birthday has come and gone and I've yet to be spanked.

Funny, what bothers me most is that I feel that I've cheated my readers here on this blog who may be waiting for the Big Event as much as I am. Well, I'm expecting the Big Event, hard to decide if I'm really looking forward to it, I'm sure you understand.

So, what's happening in the F/M Spanking Blog world these days?

Well, I just saw probably the best picture I've ever seen of the professional disciplinarian Dana Specht... She's smiling! To me that is much more natural than the strict frowning pictures we most often see of her.

After all, why should she frown so much, she certainly knows how to get what she wants from her men!

She;s happy!

Well we know he will be happy too when it's over because she never does finish without getting her point across and he's just getting red. Dana is nothing less than totally effective. Yes, the lap we would all both crave and regret to be across.

It's nice to see her enjoying herself isn't it?

In the mean while, over at Underlings Humblings he announces that we are getting closer to his new drawing that will be catered to the polls on his blog.  I'm really looking forward to seeing his artwork.
Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts asks if we would consider giving our spanker's the right to spank to their hearts content...
uh, for those who may be like me....
That would be the Holy Grail of Spanko!


  1. Your birthday spanking will come. Enjoy the anticipation.

  2. I would sell my soul to be turned over Dana's knee. She is got one off the top three laps I would love to be put across.