09 July, 2010

All The Implications

One of the things that I find myself doing is searching for collections of spanking art, lately that's been mostly F/m Spanking art.

Anyone who's taste approximates mine, doesn't find it easy to locate appropriate galleries.

I've mentioned before that my particular taste is along the domestic discipline line and not so much some of the more Fem Domme-ish sorts of things.

It's not that I can't appreciate the look of a scantily clad woman in two foot high heels holding a nasty looking paddle, I certainly can.

But that's more BDSM-ish than I tend to lean, what really appeals to me is more DD-ish.

So basically, the sort of photos and artwork that would be similar to the things you would find on the DWC website.

I'm certainly more attracted to the look of a woman in traditional dress or skirt as opposed to ones made of leather.

That's another thing, I don't understand the whole 'dark' motif, all the black dungeon sorts of things. After all, the toys work perfectly well in broad daylight too and my eyes are fading with advancing age.

Maybe it's because I've never really cared for vampire movies or it's some sort Goth thing...

But I digress.

Much of the F/m artwork that is on the Internet even if it is based on a domestic setting, features older or more physically imposing women giving good sound spankings to smaller framed or younger men.

Well, that's all fine and good, but I'm not very young, small or frail and my fine lady is actually of a much smaller stature than I am.

I think some of the most intriguing photos and artwork for me aren't just the ones that are just easier to identify with, but also leave a bit to the imagination. All the implications, what has happened and what's going to happen.

The way artwork engages the imagination can be compared to the way our 20th century ancestors enjoyed watching the radio. Often when a radio show would find it's way to the big screen or television it would flop.


Because the video renditions didn't come close to let alone match the way people played the audio out in their mind. The added second dimension just fell far short of the mind's ability to create a third, or even fourth dimension to those audio cues.

These items presented today are by Underling who has several fine pieces on the Internet that can be found on his blog and at the Spanking Art Wiki, enjoy.

PS: An interesting little observation... I just recently added the 'gadget' that rotates Google AdSense to the blog. It's not that I expect this blog to be a profitable endeavor of any sort, but a few pence toward beer would certainly be nice (but I'm not counting on it).

AdSense is supposed to make adds based on blog content. The thing is, the first banners that have appeared on the page are for heartburn medication. More appropriate would be butt-burn medication. Wonder if anyone actually makes it?



  1. HerKnee, thanks so much for hosting some of my art here on your excellent blog. I think our tastes are similar - I'm not a particular fan of S & M trappings, and like my discipline domestic. Also agree with you in that my favourite artwork allows just the right amount of imagination on the part of the viewer. We all have our favourite fantasies, and it's nice if a drawing provides enough fuel for us to indulge them by filling in the gaps to suit ourselves.

    Keep up the great work. I'll look forward to future posts! :)

  2. Thanks, I am 100% domestic and the site of a lap in a nice dress or business attire or whatever is some hot.

    Nice pics as well.

    Love the last pic, wonder where her other sandle is!?