17 July, 2010

YEAH!!! The Dollar Store

It was just last evening and I was sitting at the table leaning over the laptop pondering what sort of further enlightenment I could bring to the spanking world and more specifically to the F/m Spanking world here at my humble blog.

Just then without any sort of warning my fine lady gleefully proclaimed our need to visit The Dollar Store.


She at the time was completing her chosen task of putting together another excellent and nourishing meal for our consumption. What had happened was that she went to clean a bowl and found that we were running out of dish soap.

Now to me... OK, we need dish soap, simple issue, simple solution... we buy some dish soap...problem solved.

Nope, not to her!

She saw this as an opportunity.

She expounded on how we now had to visit The Dollar Store and stock up on not just dish soap, but fabric softener, plastic baggies, Windex, toothpaste, dental floss, toilet bowl whatever and all those important items that separate us from banana peeling apes that as we speak are hanging from tree limbs in the rain forest.


Those of you outside the continental United States may not be familiar with the latest in modern conveniences we have here in the States... The Dollar Store.

Perhaps on the continent you may have something similar like oh.. I don't know... maybe the Euro Store or elsewhere perhaps The Yen Store, The Peso or the Pound Store but I'm sure you get the basic idea.

No matter, here in the US we do most certainly have The Dollar Store.

Now to me, I see the Dollar Store as being the outlet for all the things they couldn't sell for .99 cents in the regular stores. So they ship the technical and functional obsolete dead inventory off to The Dollar Store where they sell if for a penny more.

Now, we're not talking about the sort of merchandise found in the finest Department Stores in the best shopping districts around the world chosen by those in the know or in the media spotlight, just the basics that no one really brags about using. Ever hear a starlet endorse toilet paper let alone actually admit to using it?

Yeah, pretty much just the basic needs and the target consumer would be those who refuse to pay extra just for the Ambiance of a premium address and the best Musak elevator tunes playing in the distance.

I think I've set the mood.


Well, I like the fact that you can buy those super size boxes of candy that they sell in the movie theatre lobbies for five dollars... for one dollar. Yes mam, I'll have those super size Milk Duds and the Mike and Ikes and some Raisinetes for one little dollar each, thank you very much.

Beyond movie theatre candy, I see no real value in the place.

Not my fine lady, and I will of course be following her along up and down each and every damn isle as she basks in the bargains.

You see the love of my life cherishes every moment that she can have, spending as frugally as possible for our household. What man couldn't love that in his wife? What man could ask for more? She just craves bargains and it doesn’t matter if it's a Thrift Store, The Dollar Store or an Outlet Mall. Bargains simply drive the core of her existence.

So basically, the only potential problem that I see here is that she is also absolutely determined to get our monies worth out of ever single penny we've spent and unfortunately for me, that includes the money we've spent on spanking implements.

Dear reader, just let your imagination go from there.



  1. The Dollar Store. Land of Opportunity for those of us who like to shop for 'pervertables' (Vanilla items that can also be used for disciplinary purposes).

  2. I had a similar experience at the Dollar Store. My wife loves to use Camay soap in her discipline of me - not just for my long painful pre-spanking sudsy scrubs in her tub with her bathbrush working my behind, but also for very lathery mouth soapings with pink Camay with me bent naked (just a bib) over her sink, butt sticking out behind just begging to be spanked while my mouth gets cleaned. Well, she discovered on one of our trips to the Dollar Store that they have all kinds of Camay soap there for a great price. I was careful not to swear when she found those bars of Camay and made me buy a bag full of them. She even made a butt plug out of one! Talk about pervertables....