08 July, 2010

Spiraling Out of Control

Being a spanko is not my only hobby, I'm something of fan of aviation and aviation history.

In the world of aviation there are a number of axioms often quoted by pilots during 'hanger flying' sessions such as:

  • There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots.
  • A drink within eight will seal your fate.

But there's one that comes to mind at this particular moment:
  • Excessive angle of attack leads to a stall,
  • Excessive stall leads to a spin,
  • Excessive spin leads to a spiral dive,
  • Excessive spiral dive leads to the scene of the accident.
Right now I’m spiraling out of control and there is an impending accident scene, naturally as could be expected the devastation will play out upon my poor ass.

Previously here I mentioned my intention to shop for a new implement or three from the fine crafts-people at Cane-iac. Well, things have been placed in motion and there is no turning back now. It goes without saying that I did not have the final say in just what items will be blessing our doorstep. Unfortunately, the new items that will be fresh additions to our ever expanding pain drawer, just might be a selection of scary appliances that will be far to easy for my fine lady to wield effectively.

So we were talking a few minutes ago about the items inbound from Cane-iac, she's been walking around with that sort of intimidating devious smile that suggests she may be a little too anxious for the items to arrive. The plan at this point is to review each item here at my blog for effectiveness, ease of use and value. You know, end user value. She plans it to be on my end.

I took the moment to remind her that they could just as easily be used on her. Her response was too quick and probably well prepared in advance...

It was a simple question for me:

"What's the name of your blog?"

Then she made some sort of comment about the blog title really should have an 'S' at the end.



  1. Love the humor in your posts, especially the reminder from your Lady about the title of your blog.

    I also know the anticipation about 'implements' coming. Lately, I have been making our own implements of ass destruction (mine, of course), but I did order two items from Nu-West described as 'long handled brushes'. (Note: Its been quite a while since Nu-West offered any implements and these are a limited offer). I ordered two because I thought it might be fun to go over the laps of two Ladies (double lap spanking). Now I am wondering, "What have I done?!"

    Anyway, when you received your latest 'tools' I will be most interested in the 'end result'.


  2. Do I detect a total lack of concern for my posterior? :)

    The postal worker left a little brown postcard in the mailbox today that says there's a parcel waiting for me at the post office.

    I won't 'forget' to pick it up, but I might delay it as long as possible.

  3. Well, maybe not 'total'!
    But then aren't we the lucky ones who have Ladies in our lives who seem to enjoy paddling our naughty bottoms. Certainly in my case, its what I asked for.

    P.S. Leon sent me a note that the two long-handled brushes will be shipped Monday. So I have a bit of a reprieve, at least for now.